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Healthy Indiana: A Better Idea, or Just Purple ObamaCare

In The Wrong Right Turn on 02/03/2010 at 08:03

Healthy Indiana reminds me of an old Twilight Zone episode. The one were Billy Mumy wishes everyone into the cornfield. “You’re a very bad man! I’m gonna wish you into the cornfield.” Ahheeeeeee!

Indiana governor Mitch Daniels seems to be on the shortlist of all the Washington pundits and party hacks these days. George Will and Tucker Carlson think he’s the next president. Personally, whenever George or Tucker say anything these days, I scream like someone’s tied me up and forced me to listen to Mike Huckabee play bass in the Little Rockers. But that’s me.

Don’t get me wrong, Daniels’ Healthy Indiana Plan seems to have some good features, and I’m not an expert on the state-run healthcare plan. It covers some 130,000 “low Income” residents with affordable healthcare insurance.

But the Healthy Indiana Plan it is still government run. And anything that requires federal matching funds and levies penalty taxes – yes, even taxes on cigarettes – is a big government plan. We all know that cigarettes are bad, but, honestly, do we want the government levying unfair taxes on anyone, just because they offend us? How about chocolate? Is that okay? How about an extra 40 cent state and federal tax on Whoppers? That okay? Healthy Indiana also calls for federal “Matching grants,” which I assume means that you and I will cough up $140 million for the like amount Indiana levies it smokers.

Nope, I don’t want smokers wished into the cornfield.

I knew we had completely lost George Bush when he made the push for biofuels during his second term. And Mitch Daniels is another biofuels Republican. Look, I loved my Porsche, and my truck’s terrific; I don’t want anyone telling me I have to run them on corn syrup when we have enough petroleum under this country to run OPEC out of business. All of which makes me even more dubious of Daniels’ plan. HealthyCare, RomneyCare, ObamaCare, I don’t care, when the feds are involved, it has about as much chance of staying solvent as the Postal Service.

No, I believe Healthy Indiana is simply a clueless Republican attempt at compromising with a Left that has every intention of turning us into a cheap replica of the European Union. Mitch Daniels exemplifies that school of thought. He is neither outraged nor dubious of Democrat motives, which is the most disturbing thing I can say about him.

A modified healthcare plan based on the Indiana model – which I suspect Barack Obama will propose next – will only serve to make an obscenely bloated government larger than ever. This is not a time for Republicans to compromise, it is a time for them to stand firm and run a stake through the heart of this madcap legislation. Then they should move onto cap and trade.

Barack Obama! You’re a very bad man …

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  2. Unfortunately I don’t share your understanding of Daniels’ plan or health care in general. What I mean by that is not only do I disagree philosophically with you about how the market for health care should be run, but I believe you don’t entirely understand the market itself to start with. For one the current health care system, this is before the enactment of obamacare, and even before medicare and medicaid, is by your definition “government run.” Given that your definition of Daniels’ plan seems to be that any degree of government regulation or government intrusion into health care means that the system of employer based care relying on the employer tax exclusion for health care benefits and the guarantee that all people will get care in the emergency room is in your mind “government run.” What is ridiculous about this claim is it suggests that the car insurance industry in most states is “government run” that any industry in which the government sets rules or regulation is “government run.” In fact this suggests that the food industry which is regulated by the FDA must be socialistic in character. Health care systems come in many forms as do most markets. The NHS in britain is an entirely government run system, much like the VA and Tricare is in the United states, meaning that the government pays for the entire system through general taxation including doctors. Canada doesn’t pay their doctors but has a system of socialized insurance. Switzerland and Singapore rely on the private market, like the U.S system exempting medicare, medicaid, the VA, and the like, but their systems also provide subsidies and have rigorous regulations, controls, that make their systems not only ensure universal coverage, but provide high quality care at prices far cheaper than the U.S though well created systems based on competition. One of the points that Mitt Romney continued to make in 2008 is that the current U.S system (pre obama care) allows for people without insurance to jack up the price of insurance for everyone by getting free care at the hospital. I would continue forever because there is so much to address but hopefully someone will read this and read up on healthcare because literally everything that has been said about in on the right since obama decided to propose health care reform has been ridiculous,this should help give you an understanding of the reality http://www.kaiserhealthnews.org/Graphics/2010/022310-Bill-comparison.aspx

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