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Social Justice vs. The Red Lotto

In Bowling for Dollars on 28/02/2010 at 09:36

Akio Toyoda this week

Were you embarrassed by the Toyota hearings this week in congress? You should be.

Nothing is more humiliating than watching a clutch of old windbags on the take from the UAW, the International Machinists union and trial lawyers act like they have our interests in mind. Every featherbedding union in the country pays candidates millions each year for doing just that. And America makes shoddier products year after year.

So, it stands to reason that Akio Toyoda should apologize to American politicians; he hasn’t been paying his fair share. Now if the government could just spend a little time squaring out the trade imbalance that got us into this mess. Forgive me, I forgot, that takes negotiating skills.

Toyota made a mistake, sure, but believe me they are paying for it. Congress fixed that long ago when they refused to enact meaningful tort reform. Families who have lost loved ones will be awarded huge settlements for the loss of their loved ones, something that never made much sense to me, with the exception of minor children, or loss of income. I mean no amount of remuneration can replace a loved one, right? But $60 million can buy a lot of peace of mind. And Paris is lovely this time of year.

Then there are the necessary recalls and repairs. But it doesn’t end there. Everyone who so much as busts a nail closing the door to their Lexus for the next five years will be collecting. Charles Krauthammer is, as usual, so right in his Washington Post Op-Ed this week. We “coldly calculate the price of a human life” when we opt for luxury and expediency over practicality and sensibleness. Risk is built into every modern convenience and we pay through the nose to get them. Whatever gets us there faster, less painlessly or more comfortably, we buy off the shelves, gladly assuming the risks, whatever the side effects.

Then when something goes wrong, brother, do we every make the evil corporations pay!

So Toyota has been properly humiliated. Now your congressman can say he held them accountable. And we will pay. Because there is also a cost of improvement, and figured into it is the cost of litigation and settlements for the mistake.

Now who will hold congress accountable for its despicable relationship with the trial lawyers and unions that pay for this charade?

  1. Missing in Action are the government agencies charged with investigating and protecting in national safety transportation board. These people advised people to hold down the break pedal with both feet. Good, that saved the trooper and his dead family. Now they are circling like vulturers for fines and penalties that just add more money to be wasted by sloth and inept screening of transportation dangers. How about expanding rail transportation back to the “old days” when people took buses, trolley, and trains instead of buying expensive cars that clog our cities and pollute our air.

  2. Out of 400,000 car deaths in the last 10 years only 34 people died in a malfunctioning Toyota.
    Congress should stay out of it. the market will take care of Toyota. Kind of puts thing is perspective doesn’t it? If a car is bad, people won’t buy it. American cars aren’t as good as foreign and guess what? We don’t buy them. If we let them fail they will reboot and come back better…..congress has a conflict of interest, but then when does that stop them?

  3. We don’t make cars as well as foreign countries? If 34 people died because of one Toyota that must have been a packed car! Our Chevrolet HHR gets over 30 mpg, hauls lots of stuff and has 150,000 miles of without any mechanical problems except replace break pads. Of course it doesn’t have doodads, gadgets galore to distract you from driving. Oh yeah, no acceleration out of control.

  4. All of that, and they are government subsidized. You go Chevy!!!

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