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My Name is Scott, and I Drive a Government Subsidized Truck

In Bowling for Dollars, The Wrong Right Turn on 25/02/2010 at 07:40

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown

Okay, maybe now we can all stop cooing over Scott Brown and get down to the business of electing real conservatives elsewhere. This week Scotty wasn’t the Cosmo hunk Massachusetts elected to fill Ted Kennedy’s vacant seat, he was the wimp who folded when Harry Reid told him what committees he could get if he played ball.

Yesterday, Brown came out (no pun intended) to join with the Dems on Obama’s jobs package, while Blanch Lincoln and Ben Nelson yelled, “Incoming!” and jumped for a bunker. Not to worry. This stimulus … er … “jobs package,” will only cost us $15 billion and change.

For this paltry sum – added to the $1 trillion we’ve already given him – Barack Obama tells us, I will give you – yes, you, friend – a job! Where have I heard that spiel before? Was it Eliza Doolittle or Vinnie the Sham Wow guy? Never mind. Of course, as with everything Barry from Washington does, there is a catch. We have to guess which shell the pea is under to get the job.

To date, each job Obama has “created or saved” has cost the taxpayer $246,436. At the rate Barack is proceeding he will have the country migrating to Mexico for landscaping jobs before his term ends.

Oh, well, the good news, the President would have us believe, is that the economy is rebounding. Hold very still and you can feel it. This is what a rebounding economy feels like.

The tragedy here is obvious. Obama could have made across-the-board tax cuts and almost immediately put thousands of Americans back to work. Secondly, he could have gotten government out of our lives by reducing regulatory controls on businesses, rather than piling them on like Saints of Bret Favre, to borrow a phrase.

It will be interesting to see what his involvement will be if Obama starts to peel away pieces of his healthcare sham to get something through congress later. The numbers so far don’t look favorable for reconciliation, but I don’t believe he can any longer afford to give up. Failure now will be devastating for his remaining three years. I suspect Brown will, at some point, get on board the Obama healthcare train if that happens.

So, bipartisan Scotty joined with Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and Kit Bond this week, in blocking a nasty Republican filibuster. Well, I think most of us knew he wasn’t a real red-meat Republican, but I didn’t expect him to become Arnold Schwarzenegger quite so fast.

Michele Malkin pointed out a couple days ago that Scott’s constituent members are irate. One of his FB partners said, “Go back to modeling underwear. You probably used a sock anyway.”

That was a darned catchy motto, though. “I’m Scott and I drive a GMC truck.” I’d by a Toyota first.

  1. Ouch! but I think you’ve got it right…..

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