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A Little Islamic Jihad Between Friends

In The Enemy Among Us on 24/02/2010 at 07:41

Obama's Envoy to Islam, Rashad Hussain

Last week, in the spirit of bending over backwards yet again to kiss the petooties of our enemy, President Obama did something inimitably Obama – he appointed Rashad Hussain as special envoy to the Muslim world. Which immediately begged the question: Who is our envoy to the Jewish world? … the Christian world? And, yes, I know Bush did it first.

As the story unfolded, first we discovered that Hussain may have expressed sympathies for convicted Palestinian terrorist fundraiser Sami Al-Arian. This was the White House’s initial rebuttal to the charge: Hussain “certainly doesn’t recall making that statement. … ” said one of the President’s 143-and-counting spokesmen, advisors, envoys, czars or urban guerillas.

Hussain doesn’t recall? Okay, we cleared that up.

Then, of course, we learned that Hussain did make the statements, but he is oh-so sorry for them.

I’ll be honest. I don’t believe Rashad Hussain and I have no faith in “moderate” Islam to begin with. Might as well get it out there. I believe wholeheartedly, as Franklin Graham l said before George W. Bush booted him out of the White House, that it is a “religion of hate.”

I am not suggesting that there are not moderate Muslims
or that Muslims are all bad people. Just that the religion is not moderate. Its very history, not only in the Dark Ages but in contemporary society, is one of unspeakable death and destruction. Its treatment of women is abominable, and its oppression of those who disagree with it is reprehensible.

They sign peace treaties or make agreements in one language only to denounce them in Arabic. They tell us when we read their “holy” Qur’an in English that it was mistranslated. They remain silent when their extremist brethren commit atrocities against innocent civilians.

Whenever a Muslim converts to Christianity or Judaism he or she has reason to fear for their life. In case Barack Obama or the liberal media hasn’t noticed, that doesn’t happen with Christianity or Judaism. How can we possibly accept their word that Islam is not a religion of hate, when the evidence to the contrary is so overwhelming?

To think of any sect of Islam as moderate is to be ignorant of every tenet it preaches. I don’t hate Muslims and I bear them no ill will as long as they behave themselves, although all too often they don’t. Still, I pity anyone trapped in such an archaic dogma.

However, right now we are at war with the most violent elements of their religion, and only a moron would believe that a religion with such a violent history can be trusted. I am dubious of Hussain, not because I have any special knowledge of him, but because he is Muslim.

And I don’t trust Barack Obama or George W. Bush, for that matter, to bring good judgment to this debate. It is no one’s right to join our military; it is a privilege. So why was Nidal Malik Hasan allowed to enjoy a taxpayer-funded education while he pursued his radical interests? Why is any Muslim in the military at a time when we know they are being radicalized right here.

Why are they in our White House?

  1. Amen. The best thing that “moderate” muslims could do is sit quietly, while the bad apples in their religion are weeded out, if theirs is such a peaceful religion. The fact that they don’t should be viewed as pointing out the lies in their statements.

  2. It is sad because we don’t like to trod on others religious beliefs. But unfortunately Islam is like no other mainstream religion. The problem here is that our government either doesn’t understand or refuses to acknowledge this.

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