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Dick Morris: An Unsung Hero in Healthcare Debate?

In Can You Hear Me Now?, Obamacare on 21/02/2010 at 21:47

Dick Morris and his wife, Eileen McGann, have been on top of the healthcare debate from the beginning. Debate is hardly the word. There has been no debate. The GOP has been frozen out from Day One, and seems to be at a loss to communicate its own message. Had it not been for Sarah Palin, the Tea Party rallies of last summer and Glenn Beck, House and Senate Democrats would have passed it long ago.

But the Morrises have been potently effective in defeating Obama’s budget-breaking bill up to this point.

In the face of overwhelming public disdain for this legislation Barack Obama is still obsessed with ramming through, not only healthcare reform, but a complete restructuring of the U.S. economy.

This is about taxes.

Obama has taken to the microphone more than any president in history to give us the same old haiku, ad nauseum, and now has hatched an amateurishly transparent plot to heave the responsibility on Republicans.
Exactly what part of ‘Scott Brown’ does this president not understand? Now he and Nancy Pelosi are trotting out their shills to declare that Ronald Reagan used reconciliation during his presidency, as though that rationale somehow trumps the public will.

Senator Robert Byrd conceived senate reconciliation in 1974, as a means to get around the threat of filibuster on contentious legislation. In other words, to subvert the public will. It is every bit as convoluted as it sounds, but suffice to say that it is designed to limit debate and amendment. President Reagan turned the tables on the Democrats in 1981 and used reconciliation to enact the largest tax cut in U.S. history. We remember it as the “Reagan Revolution.”

The current Democratic reconciliation ploy not only bears little resemblance to Reagan’s tax revolution, it is the polar opposite. Massive tax increases are built into the Healthcare Reform bill. More taxes without budget cuts to offset them.

Polls show that the people get it. This issue is toxic for so-called conservative or moderate Democrats on the Hill. Still, it can pass, and it must not pass if we hope to have the America we know and love after Obama is gone.

Government run healthcare – and this will be government run –expands services to more people an will drastically reduce the quality of care. Why would anyone want to do that to what is without qualification the best healthcare program in the world? Taxes.

The issue for the GOP is cut and dry. Invited senators should attend Obama’s healthcare summit and quit harping about it being a “set up.” The President has failed to understand that the issue is moot. The people truly get this and they don’t want compromise.

Republicans must go up to that summit and demand a new start. Not on healthcare reform, but on health insurance reform. Then leave the rest to us.

Yes, Morris and McGann have been pivotal to this debate. They have put their lives and finances into defeating ObamaCare and we should join them now in their effort to sway moderate Democrats away from this devastating legislation.

  1. isnt this against the constituion? One of the shows on FOX said that some of the states are going to court over this-if so why don’t all of our states do this and get Obama impeached while they are at it.

  2. Well, it certainly isn’t States rights! The Constitution is for States rights, period. Not sure why more states are not on board as they are going to get the cost in their states when this is said and done and they can’t print money like the Feds can….that is why Ben Nelson made the deal he did, so his state would not have to foot the bill FOREVER! Isn’t that sweet? We need to stop being apathetic and I am thankful for those Tea Parties and people like Morris & Beck….Beck is like being in a history class….just great and the WH hates him…..a good sign. the tax guys are after him and why do you think?

    • Ah, to dream the impossible dream! There’s a good case for impeaching the guy, right now, for malfeasance but it’ll never happen. Obama is a socialist, at least the cloest we’ve come since Woodrow Wilson. But he is also an abysmally poor manager. The states should take this down. In the meantime let’s keep up the heat.

    • No question about it, which is, I believe, what I said in my post a few days ago. Beck and Morris and Palin are striking a cord and the administration doesn’t quite know what to do about them. The Tea Party movement may evolve but it isn’t going away. The Ninth and Tenth Amendments are potent medicine for exactly Obama’s current push. I hope someone will take him on in court.

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