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The American Jihad

In The American Jihad, The Enemy Among Us on 20/02/2010 at 08:08

In the aftermath of the Fort Hood Massacre the army went into double time to slap the lid on its investigation into who offended Nidal Malik Hasan, causing him to open fire on nearly 50 American soldiers and kill thirteen of them.

Well, that must have been the case, because the military is still actively recruiting Muslims and paying bonuses of up to $40,000 for them to enlist in the service. This is no doubt because – let’s face it – the U.S. military is not every Muslim’s cup of tea.

The question today isn’t so much whether five Muslim recruits at Fort Jackson Alabama attempted or threatened to poison the base food supply, but when will the next jihadist do that or worse.

The administration’s pro-Muslim sympathies have been an embarrassment since Barack Obama’s trip to Cairo at the beginning of his term. He all but ignored the jihadist attack on recruiters in Arkansas and tried to deny the obvious after Hasan’s attack at Hood.

The argument for recruiting Muslims is simple: we need translators to facilitate interrogation of enemy combatants in theaters of battle when we advise them of their constitutional rights. (We’re working on giving them satellite TV and laptops, but the army is not forthcoming with details.)

Look, if we haven’t learned something about Muslims by now we never will. The government, both under Bush and Obama, has seemed hell-bent on dealing with this enemy as we did Soviets during the Cold War. As though we can convert them or buy them out of their radical ideology. Except this isn’t a cold war. We’re dealing with a thousand years of ideology here, an ideology that admonishes even the slightest public condemnation of anything Islamic. The problem is that the military has no idea when one may convert from being a “passive” Muslim and become a lethal weapon. It’s a pretty safe bet that your average Jew or Christian won’t be blowing up the base when he gets ticked. Could happen, probably won’t.

Islam is like no other major religion on earth. It breads guilt. Guilt for not being Muslim enough. That is the main radicalization tool. The Muslim faith recognizes only one true religion and sees everyone else as infidels. They hate us because we are not Muslim, and those who do not hate us are not good Muslims.

Every Muslim is not an extremist but we’re not talking about some whacko Timothy McVeigh here. The tenets of the Southern Baptist or Catholic faiths don’t have a fatwa clause. The Qur’an does.

Yes, we need translators, both in the military and in our intelligence services, but we have already seen how dangerous it is to recruit Muslims, even as confidential informants. They should not ever be offered rank in the U.S. military. To take the earlier juxtaposition a step further, it would be like offering a Soviet defector a military commission. We cannot possibly know whether he is truly a defector or a double agent.

Hire them if we must; that is dangerous enough. Recruiting them into military service, particularly in high security or command positions, is insanity.

  1. It is pretty sad when our Military thinks they have to be politically correct…….what is happening…? In WWII we sent Germans back to Germany because we didn’t know who was our enemy and who wasn’t….and now we are recruiting possible enemies….and another thing the terrorists are very patient….they planned 911 for years. they have kids here and raise them to be terrorists…let’s not kid ourselves as many are enemies playing to be our friends…but they are NOT

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