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The Big Melt: Eco-Whackos Put New Spin on Global Warming

In Meanwhile, back in the hot house on 12/02/2010 at 08:44

Al Gore, producing a convenient $100 mil lie

Prepare yourself. For the next six months the nation will be seeing and hearing a new spin in the climate change debate.

The news media will hawk it unabashedly, taxpayer-funded PSA’s will drive it home on commercial breaks, and it will be discussed “in depth” on Larry King Live, and Geraldo at Large. Those two examples proving that one can drown in 18 inches of water.

They will tell you that the historic storms laying siege to the Atlantic seaboard are evidence beyond question that manmade global warming is real. The storms are an anomaly.

If you have been watching closely, you already know that climate is not weather, Nobel laureate Albert Gore merely mis-cited a few facts, and that this recent set of storms prove nothing.

They are right. One set of storms doesn’t prove anything. Neither does a ten- or even a 100-year warming trend. Which has been the argument of thousands of sane scientists worldwide since the eco-nuts began their crusade during the 1970s.

This totalitarian-esque (a strong but appropriate word) form of “mind-bend” propaganda was adopted by the American left during the 1960s, and has been in use politically since WW I, when the British employed it against the Germans. Its use can turn even the most absurd notion into a cause célèbre if launched and implemented properly, because it appeals by-and-large to the emotions rather than the intellect. A benign use would be the U.S. Army’s “Be all that you can be” PSA’s during the 1970s.

But the left uses it most effectively and have made gigantic ideological inroads with it since the antiwar campaign in the Vietnam era, “political correctness” being the most prominent example recently. Certain thoughts, words, and conduct are “no longer acceptable” in an orderly society. Totalitarianism in its purest incarnation.

The techniques are easily identified and range from ad hominem (kill the messenger) attack campaigns, such as the one currently being used to discredit Sarah Palin; to ad nauseam, the constant drumming of an idea until it becomes accepted as truth, which is the primary method they have used in the climate change debate. There are other methods: the appeal to fear
(The planet is burning), the common man (“the rich are not like us”), and bandwagon (join the crowd).

The techniques don’t end there, but these are the most widely used in the climate hoax and the left’s crusade to undermine the Constitution and relieve us of our country. Sometimes they simply lie.

Let’s be clear: this is not, by-and-large, an organized front, but rather a school of thought. These are the antiwar students who gave America her first loss in Vietnam, and their progeny from the 1970s. The methods, however, are universal, evidenced by the similar tactics of PETA, ACORN, Amnesty International, the Green Party, and Code Pink.

While we laugh and call them whackos, they are effective. They are One-Worlders and they have co-opted everyone from George H.W. Bush with his “thousand points of light” to the 9-11 Truthers. They prey on talented idiots such as Rosie O’Donnell and Matt Damon.

Obama’s so-called Green Jobs Initiative is their baby, lock, stock, and proverbial barrel. The introduction of costly and unproven bio-fuels as an alternative to oil and natural gas should be years away. But the President wants to implement it to the exclusion of petroleum and coal wherever possible, thus assuring our dependence of foreign oil for decades to come.

The eco-whackos a shrewd. If they take a foot of ground and have to walk-back six inches, they have won.

They have already won the first round. Think about that when you vote this year.

  1. Don’t ya love it? People are wising up tho’

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