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Obama’s Odori With the Press

In Disappearing Ink on 10/02/2010 at 07:54

CBS Obama Shill, Katie Couric

During Super Bowl halftime Sunday Barack Obama made yet another announcement out of the White House Public Relations Office at CBS. He has offices at NBC, ABC and CNN as well. This time the President is trying to shift the onus for the ObamaCare debate to the Republicans by inviting them to a summitto share their ideas. The GOP’s idea, of course, is to start from scratch, which Obama refuses to do.

The Obama White House has been busy using the media this week to shift blame for their incompetency, first releasing potentially vital national intelligence secrets in their mangling of the Christmas Day Bomber case, and now blames Senator Kit Bond for calling them on it. This time they have stepped over the line.

The President’s inability to admit mistakes has reached a pathological level, but now it must stop. He putting at risk the lives of countless Americans in politicizing his mishandling of the Abdulmutallab case at a time when his own intelligence chiefs say prospects are high for another attack.

The media have played such an integral roll in this daily dance that it is impossible to ignore them as willing participants in the subterfuge. It’s as though they see 9-11 and Fort Hood as one-time aberrations. They have disseminated disinformation, covered up the administration’s incompetence, and have outright ignored the public’s right to know in a time of war.

Obama’s Odori with the media is being played out as a dance of death, and it shows a blatant disregard for the security of the country at a time when one mistake can have untold disastrous consequences. While our young men and women risk their lives in Afghanistan, it is imperative that those responsible for our safety on the home front don’t fall asleep at the switch.

The press has made a mockery of the Christmas Day Bomber’s attempt to ignite a weapon in his underwear, but he came chillingly close to succeeding. And now the administration has played politics with intelligence that can save American lives in potential future attacks.

  1. Good for Senator Bond and he isn’t backing down. This WH is a disgrace and it is getting worse daily

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