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The Newest Raw Deal

In Harvard Math on 05/02/2010 at 08:05

Most people today realize that FDR’s New Deal wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be; even many mainstream Democrats. Not the liberal leadership in Washington but the everyday Democrat.

There are several reasons for reasons for this, I think, not the least being that at the time of the New Deal the average U.S. citizen had about six years of formal education. Today that has risen to 12 years. Knowledge truly is power. Television is another reason. People are more informed regardless of their education level.

Probably the biggest factor in Americans turning against the progressive ideology was the Great Society. Ten years after LBJ’s drastic expansion of the welfare roles, we were seeing stories almost daily in the media about welfare moms committing fraud, driving Cadillacs and collecting three checks. Find an autoworker in Detroit who thinks that is a good thing. Under the Great Society social services agenda we now pay single mothers, barely more than babies themselves, to have babies. Find anyone who likes that idea.

These are a few reasons that progressives have to lie to get elected. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that all politicians lie, but liberals have to lie about who they are and about their core beliefs, because if they don’t they cannot get elected. The reason Barack Obama is president today. And the reason the country is slowly turning against him.

The reason country is turning against all politician is that Republicans have negotiated away their conservative principals, compromising with the liberals and their social programs.

Liberal programs always seem so humanitarian, and that is why they are so difficult to eliminate once the Democrats are able to enact them. We had 40 years of that without interruption, and now we’re beginning to see an irreversible downward shift in the economy because of it.

Remember the “Don’t Kill Big Bird” campaign? Oh No! Those nasty Republicans want to kill Big Bird. No we don’t. We just want Big Bird to get a job. He is costing the taxpayers $400 million a year.

Show me a healthy government program. Find one that doesn’t run at a loss. Amtrak loses $1.1 billion a year; the Postal Service loses $4.7 billion. Medicare is a snake pit of fraud and corruption; that corruption is built into the system. But Obama has held onto his healthcare reform vision with a tenacity that he must realize will cost him the presidency. Why?

Because he and his ilk believe that the Constitution is archaic, that we are not a Christian nation; that government should not be in the hands of the masses, but in the hands of the educated elite.

FDR gave us the New Deal, Johnson gave us a raw deal, and Obama, if we let him, will give us the mother of all bad deals. The GOP has an opportunity right now to regain the confidence of the nation. At every turn the people are demanding they stop the compromise. National security is in shambles, healthcare reform is toxic, and creating government jobs won’t heal the economy.

Write your congressmen. Tell them no more raw deals.

  1. It’s about time that we have someone on the LEFT coast that is in their RIGHT mind!!! Reading this blog is one of the first things on my to-do list each morning. Keep it up!!!

  2. Hey, Billy!
    Ho-ho! Like you guys in Florida don’t have your whackos. That Alan Grayson character makes Barbara Boxer look like a Republican. Thanks so much for the comment. We all have to get this thing back to something that at least simulates sanity.

  3. Thanks for being a mouthpiece for those of us in our right mind!

  4. Yes, thanks and keep it up. We need voices of reason….

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