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It’s Thursday This Must Be Mars

In Weekly Rant on 04/02/2010 at 08:56

You have to wonder what Barack Obama is thinking these days. With a soaring deficit and a congress still licking its wounds after the Massachusetts Massacre, he is still hammering his multi-trillion takeover of healthcare and financial regulation.

Granted, this is a dream come true to a conservative that wants the President to enjoy an early retirement in some warm climate like Brazil, but can it be true? Can anyone be this incredibly out of sync with the public will?

Well, yes.

Democrats, like Charlie “Land Baron” Rangel, are going for it. “‘The question is when are we going to do it,’ said Rangel, who chairs the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee. ‘We got to move on with jobs. It’s not clear to me what the priority is going to be.’”

Let me see, Charlie. With 17 percent of the American public out of work, I wonder? Why don’t we draw straws? I mean, is it in the water? How do these guys think that digging in can benefit them in the slightest? Because it’s darn clear that they’re not thinking of us.

In good conscience I can’t leave Republicans out of this. I have to wonder what Newt Gingrich and Michael Steele are thinking right now, to learn that Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin were right all along. The GOP’s reluctance to brand Obama as the entrenched radical ideologue that he is and the lack of passion – no, passion is not the right word – their lack of anger is disheartening, to say the least.

While the Republicans – commendable though it may be – are looking for procedural loopholes in the rules to block ObamaCare (Yes, it’s still alive and kicking), mainstreeters are wondering why the party has no message. They are refusing to acknowledge that it is the GOP’s abysmal leadership that led the country into this mess to begin with, and barring that, they have tried to futz off McCain’s miserable showing in 2008 on Sarah Palin.

It seems that both of these parties are as out of touch as Barack Obama. If I hear one more Republican defend George W. Bush’s decision to try shoe-bomber Richard Reid in civilian court or shut down Gitmo I will positively get a rope! Bush was wrong! Now, wasn’t that simple?

This will sound nutty, but do you know what scares me most in all of this? The possibility that Obama could get reelected in 2012. It could very well happen and it is not a long shot. An upturn in jobs, a few successful legislative coups – like a modified healthcare package – and a few big mess-ups by the GOP, and Obama could win his second term. And in a second term he will be unleashed to do his will without reprisal.

I’ll be honest. I no longer trust the GOP to deliver. It’s not that they are bad people, I don’t even believe that of Obama; it’s that they are all so hopelessly out of touch with the people. From Bush’s nutty stand on illegal immigration, to the idea that trying terrorists in civilian court should even be an option, the Democrats and Republicans simply don’t get it.

  1. Never thought I would say it…but where’s Clinton when we need him….?

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