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So, Joe, Who’s The Real Nutter?

In Disappearing Ink on 03/02/2010 at 08:34

Time Magazine columnist Joe Klein’s appearance last night on the O’Reilly Factor was a priceless exhibition of modern elitism in American media. It should be taped and shown to every journalism student in the country as an example of how to be clueless in the face of a catastrophic circulation dip.

Time should fire the guy. Not for what he said last night, but on general principals. He’s a complete whack job.

Klein, who some may remember as the guy who wrote the roman à clefPrimary Colors” anonymously, lying to his colleagues when they outted him, and revealing information shared in confidence during the Bill Clinton Campaign, added to his shabby reputation, employing another incredibly brilliantly lowbrow tactic: Infiltrate the enemy camp, take their money, see if they’ll offer you a contributor job, and bash Glenn Beck. Smarter than your average lefty media guy, Anonymous Joe. Well, at least he didn’t wear one of those tweed jackets with the obligatorily clashing plaid shirt and striped tie.

Last night Klein epitomized the worst of liberal journalism when he called Glenn Beck a 21st century Father Coughlin. Father Coughlin, for those of you don’t know, was a controversial Roman Catholic priest who was enormously popular in the 1930s. Klein’s reference to him was probably twofold. First, Coughlin was a Roosevelt supporter who eventually turned against FDR’s policies, an unpardonable sin in leftist circles.

However, at the heart of Klein’s attack on Beck was the fact that Coughlin was an Anti-Semite. Now, liberals are always quick to say – as did Klein – when making such comparisons, that they’re not calling their target a racist, but why else would they say it? Coughlin’s hatred was for Jews and communists. So what is Joe suggesting? That Beck’s disdain for socialism makes him tantamount to Coughlin?

So, once again, Joe Klein has proved himself to be a liar and disseminator of mis- and disinformation. This kind of liberal-speak is the worst kind of yellow journalism because it is not only untruthful, but it is intended to get advertisers to drop Beck’s program, to strike at his livelihood. I’ve included an old Reuters story here to prove my point. The story was a direct result of the liberal media’s attack, after Beck accused Barack Obama of being a racist. Following Joe’s reasoning, Beck is no worse than he.

Joe Klein isn’t the first to try to hang the Father Coughlin jacket on Beck, Rush Limbaugh and other members of the conservative media, but he is an outstanding example of why the liberal media is going broke.

  1. These guys don’t watch Beck if they did, they would know that he cares about the constitution not which side your on….he blasts both sides as needed. But then, these elites would just spin it as they don’t know the truth nor do they want to know it.

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