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That Old Black Magic and The Other Woman

In Billary on 02/02/2010 at 07:47

Looking back over Barack’s blitzkrieg-like attempt to nationalize the country in 2009, I keep getting the feeling that something’s missing. It’s more a sense than a conscious thought, like waking up from a bad dream and not being able to remember it.

Then I remember Hillary.

Have you noticed how quiet Hillary and Bill have been, through all of this? Bill slipped not long ago, saying that racism was at the heart of the Tea Party movement, but he came home to a cold dinner. Hillary needs independents if she’s to run a centrist campaign in 2012.

Hillary’s been planning this since Rahm Emmanuel sold her out during the 2008 election cycle. Not that she ever really believed her shot would be this good, but when Obama publically snubbed her by not at least offering her the veep slot on the ticket, Billary went into payback mode.

Then Barack dangled Secretary of State under Hillary’s nose. Mistake. It provided her the opportunity to gain the experience she claimed she already had, and gave her just enough visibility to remind the voters what a mistake they made in kicking her to the curb in the first place.

Throughout our corporate nightmare Hillary has managed to stay artfully detached from Obama’s scandalous failures, and a couple of weeks ago emerged neck and neck with Sarah Palin as the most admired woman in America.

Hillary managed to remain uninfected from the fallout from the “skivvy bomber” attack on Christmas Day, when it was clearly her State Department that allowed Umar Farouk Abdulmutalib a visa into the country. Napolitano, Panetta and National Counter Intel Director Michael Leiter couldn’t sit down for a week after congress took them to task for their ineptitude, but Hillary skated.

Make no mistake; if there is one person in Washington more liberal than Barack Hussein Obama, it is Hillary Rodham Clinton. The difference is Hillary makes Machiavelli look like a court jester. But presently Americans don’t see her that way. Hillary is an independent these days.

That Old Black Magic that Obama weaves so well is failing him in the liberal media, as well. Many in the press are already murmuring regret over having backed the wrong horse in 2008.

With a multi-trillion-dollar budget deficit looming on the horizon, whether Barack can regain even a fraction of the confidence the electorate demonstrated when they gave him the presidency in November 2008, remains to be seen. I suspect that he may be the first elected president in modern history not to receive the re-nomination of his party. Let’s face it, the press has a roll in this; it is completely out of character for them not to have burned Hillary in the Flight 253 bombing.

And as Sarah Palin continues to gain popularity with the conservative base of the GOP and heartland independent conservatives, Hillary, the Other Woman, will continue to gain ground as the “thinking” party’s alternative.

  1. The Clinton’s are good at payback, so Obama, watchout. A good chance she will run in 2012

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