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State of the Union: Show Me the Money: Part Deux!

In Obamarama on 28/01/2010 at 08:58

In tonight’s State of the Union Address Barack Obama showed his stuff. The same stuff he shoveled out at every campaign stop he made in 2008, and the same stuff the American people have been stepping in since he took office 12 months ago. I thought I was watching Cuba Gooding, Jr. The President was resplendent in his reticence. He ate three seconds of crow and then said, “Show me the Money!” again … and again … Someone said he shifted his focus to jobs, but you coulda fooled me!

Nancy Pelosi was positively giddy. Keeping in mind that Nancy represents an enclave of the San Francisco Bay Area where they use aluminum foil hats to communicate with aliens.

Obama made me a certifiable prophet tonight; I said he does not have the capacity to admit a mistake and he has proven me right. As Karl Rove so accurately pointed out, POTUS said, “I” 96 times, and, I’ll add, lobed the blame for the deficit – directly and indirectly – on George W. Bush nine times, if my count is correct.

Let’s look at some highlights:

He complained about the deficit he “inherited” after which he signed an $800 billion Omnibus-spending package. He criticized pork barrel spending and signed a truckload of it into law. He viciously attacked lobbyists and hired more than a dozen of them in his administration.

He ramped up departmental spending as much as 35% and now says he will freeze it there. And he had the audacity to ask for $1 trillion more in the next breath!

He actually mentioned “terrorists” – a word relatively new to his lexicon – several times, and then he overlooked Guantanamo Bay and the fact that a full-scale revolt is brewing in the nation over his mishandling of the Northwest 253 bomber and the civilian trial of the 9-11 terrorists. Was he the least bit repentant for those decisions? No.

In a shameful break with tradition, he scolded the United States Supreme Court for its reversal of McCain-Feingold and played dangerously close to challenging the separation of powers.

Energy: How can we overlook “clean coal” technology? Which, by the way, is “no coal” technology. Then he dissed the one thing that would immediately lessen U.S. dependency on foreign oil, offshore drilling, and went on ad nauseam about solar panels, which account for at most three percent of the power grid. Professor Obama also wanted us to know that nuclear energy is now politically correct, after his party has steadfastly tried to block the building of new reactors for 40 years.

Barack Obama had a chance to virtually reverse public opinion tonight, had he come to the podium and admitted his overzealousness. Instead his speech was tantamount to throwing gas into an inferno. America was waiting for the President to tell us his health care takeover was dead; he told us to get ready for Act II. His radically Euro-Asian energy policy has been dead for six months, and he told us he will pass it anyway. He has used executive orders to make end runs around congress and he has no intention of changing.

Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Virginia weren’t enough. Now we gear up for November. Cuba Gooding was great in Jerry Maguire.

Barack Obama was a real drag tonite.

  1. You must have watched a different speech than I did.

  2. How’s that aluminum foil hat fit, Kip?

  3. Sorry, I guess you don’t want an honest, open debate.

  4. If you want to debate, Kip, debate. Don’t simply say I didn’t watch the speech. I’ve watched it three times and I’m clear on the man’s policies. He is trying to manipulate me into believing he has refocused on jobs, while insisting I still have to pay for everyone else’s health insurance. He is prosecuting armed combatants in federal courts, breaking 236 years of U.S. precedent. He is insisting that I adopt his whacko green agenda while my energy bills “skyrocket” (his word, not mine). I’m willing to debate you or anyone else on BHO’s policies, just don’t insult me by saying I didn’t hear what I heard last night.

  5. Never has a president been so arrogant and disrespectful. He’s always late, which also shows disrespect…He has no class… He loves the limelight and gave 411 speeches given last year.
    Kip? Enough said….and you are in the monority!

  6. It doesn’t seem Kip wants to debate; he just wants us to be enthralled with BHO’s empty rhetoric. Personally, I don’t want my taxes building trillion dollar Lionel sets for Florida. If they want a speedy train, let them build it. The government operates AmTrak $40 billion in the red every year. This is how Obama intends to put people to work, by creating government subsidized jobs and taxing us through the nose to pay for them. No thanx, Kipper.

  7. Another evening of empty promises, I’m waitng to see the “pork” projects on the net…oh, that’s gonna happen just like the bills on CSPAN.

  8. No kidding! Well, he blew it last night. He doesn’t seem to understand the power of words or the importance of what he says. I wasn’t sure before, but now I believe he cannot win a second term.

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