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Recalibrating the Systemic Failures

In Weekly Rant on 23/01/2010 at 08:42

The media, Democrats, every Republican in congress and half the Democrats, know what happened Tuesday night, but, alas, Barack Obama still doesn’t get it. Not only is he still acting like a kamikaze pilot with a tailwind by insisting that the public’s anger with the Bush administration is to blame, but he fails to see that his failure in three major blue state contests as a big bright, lollapalooza of a thumb in his eye for all of his policies.

This is repudiation hell.

Quoath Charles Krauthammer: “Brown ran on a very specific, very clear agenda. Stop health care. Don’t Mirandize terrorists. Don’t raise taxes; cut them. And no more secret backroom deals with special interests.”

Obama’s not alone. The media didn’t have a clue. MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann has settled the case once and for all that too much LSD during the sixties has long-term adverse effects. His assessment of Scott Brown had the spooky intonation of man whose about to bite down on a rubber mouthpiece before electrodes are applied around his frontal lobe.

Most Republicans didn’t quite see it coming either. The prevailing wisdom was that Brown could pull it off if there was a low voter turnout. It was anything but. Voters turned out in historic midterm numbers and in inclement weather to send Obama the message.

Sarah Palin, the left’s far and away frontrunner for dummy of the century, got it spot on. “We just witnessed a wicked political pivot,” said Palin after the rout. Well, the Governor is used to election mojo; she clobbered a sitting GOP machine to win in Alaska.

Today the President is on the road selling job recovery like an Amy Winehouse video: “Tried to make me go to rehab, I said, ‘No, no, no!’” But Palin is right. A revolt is cohering around Barack Obama’s policies. They are under siege and he appears to be fiddling while Rome burns.

In his State of the Union next week Obama will tell us he has gotten the message. But has he? I’m not sure that he realizes his responsibility, not only as president, but as the first black president. His failure now has the potential of setting back race relations for 50 years.

He has lost his party – Nancy Pelosi looked like she was coming off a bad hangover yesterday – he has lost the debate, and he has failed to demonstrate that he can come to terms with any of it.

I’ve said before that I believe Barack Obama is pathologically narcissistic, that he is incapable of admitting his mistakes. I was half kidding, but I’m no longer sure. Without a drastic move to right he cannot save his administration and I’m not at all confident that he can do it. And that’s not good, because the consequences of his failure may rest solely with him and the Democrats, but they will fall they on us.

  1. Right on again! He is not a Clinton…Clinton wanted to be re-elected and he got it big time!
    Obama has an ego that is unbelievable and extremely narcissistic and willnot admit any mistakes…it’s hard to believe that he cannot help but blame Bush, and people are tired of it. hasn’t he doubled the deficit in one year? It will take him down…

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