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Heads Up, GOP! Get Hip or Lose the Ship!

In The Wrong Right Turn on 21/01/2010 at 07:35

Hip Dem Barney Frank speaks with square Republican Jeb Hensarling

There has always been one thing I have admired about the Democratic Party. They are not squares. Barack Obama may be the exception to the rule, but nevertheless it’s true. Conversely, Republicans are squares. When I first began to come to my senses during the Reagan years that was the biggest hurdle for me. Jeeze! Do I have to wear a red, white and blue tie?

I think it was David Horowitz who said Republicans act like bean counters, and he’s right. They don’t have a bit of street savvy. Democrats, on the other hand, keep it loose. They’re hip and worldly and they know how to play the system to their advantage. And, unlike Republicans, they pull together when the chips are down. Last night’s victory wasn’t even a speed bump for the Dems; this morning they’re regrouping and figuring out how to recoup their losses. They’re already talking of ways they can pass their health care sham legislation. We don’t want their freaking legislation but they are already figuring ways to sound “born again” while passing it right under our noses.

So I never quite got over the hip thing. I still don’t own a red, white, and blue tie, and hardly wear one at all these days anyway. One of the reasons I like Ann Coulter is because she’s fairly hip … for a Republican.

Face it, you have to ask yourself how Barney Frank – GLAAD Cougar of the Year for more years than anyone can count – got away with letting his boy toy operate a gay brothel out of his Georgetown home. Recently one of his jellybeans was busted for growing marijuana while Frank was on the premises! Frank walked away without a scratch.


Okay, I’m having fun, but my point should be well taken. If Republicans don’t get hip, and soon, they’ll come home some night and find themselves without a party. The Wigs did that and Abe Lincoln took them to the cleaners. You haven’t seen any Wigs around lately, right? Yet Democrats have been around since beer bellies were cool.

I’ll wrap it up. Decidedly unhip is running against a fraud like Barack Obama and losing. John McCain had every chance in the world to stop him dead in his tracks by taking on his radical associations, his clearly under-the-table land deal with Tony Rezko in Chicago, and his limp-wrist love affair with radical Islam, and he didn’t do it. Everyone says Sarah Palin is a dummy, but she knew it. Why didn’t the rest of the GOP? Sarah’s hip.

Democrats are running around like they’re too hip for room today in the aftermath of one of the biggest senatorial defeats in history, and the Republicans – who had very little to do with the victory – are gloating, and they still don’t have a message.

Now that’s really unhip.

  1. Well, you’re probably right! But it is also a difference in a belief system. Conservatives are generally too nice and do not know how to fight…you don’t see conservatives out beating up a black man that disagrees with them, no that’s the liberals, like SEIU…most of the real nasty stuff is generated by the liberals….and if you don’t espouse any standards or moral values, like Barney, then nobody is going to care when your behaving like a pig…because then your not a hypocrit…..see? not saying we should fight like they do but we could learn to fight fair and we don’t even do that…keep it up Sarah!

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