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People To Obama: No You Can’t!

In Can You Hear Me Now? on 20/01/2010 at 08:09

UPDATE: For you Californians, it has just come to my attention that Nancy Pelosi has a strong small-government opponent building a campaign in the Bay Area to defeat the Speaker From Hell next November. His name is John Dennis and he has picked up the endorsement of several GOP leaders. Check him out here. Scott Brown does not have to be a one-time fluke; we can do this wherever the left is hiding.

In the most shocking upset in 50 years, Scott Brown has won the “Kennedy” United States Senate seat in Massachusetts. The astounding result is a double referendum that reaches far beyond the Bay State; even the most influential Democrats in the Senate and Congress now know that no seat is safe.

Brown’s galvanizing message of voter discontent brought about the epic victory, drawing Massachusetts Republicans and moderate Democrats together with conservative independents, and bringing Tea Party collisions from across the Union. He pounded the Obama administration for extending citizens’ rights to al Qaeda terrorists, linked Coakley with the President’s irresponsible management of the economy, and attacked Pelosi-Reid’s attempt to take over health care.

Tonight Massachusetts überliberal congressman Barney FrankCalled for an end to Obamacare and party stalwarts like Anthony Wiener of New York are joining.

Obama has lost the cornerstone of his first-year platform. Stick a fork in it, health care is dead.

On a personal note, I believe the message from Massachusetts extends to liberal and lackluster Republicans, as well as Pelosi-Reid Democrats. The nation is fed up with the Lindsey Grahams and Olympia Snowes who join in whacko legislation like the economy-busting cap and trade energy bill. There is no middle ground on health care as John McCain suggests. Yes, Americans want lower insurance rates and portability and tort reform, but that is not health care reform, it is insurance reform. But that reform does not include the nationalization of the health care and insurance industries as the current House and Senate bills intend.

Obama’s agenda is Marxist-socialist and it is not and never will be palatable to Americans once they know what it includes. Thus the closed door meetings in both Houses. Obama has attempted to wrist power from the citizens by subterfuge and tonight the people of Massachusetts, the DNC’s ultimate blue baby, have said no in overwhelming numbers.

Next we can expect to see Democrats and soft Republicans to trot out with more cosmetic revisions than Nancy Pelosi. Your new “conservative” congress. Tonight was the beginning of more phony conversions than an Elmer Gantry revival meeting and we mustn’t believe them.

This is an exciting moment in history. The unthinkable has happened and now the people need to press on to November and rout these rascals.

  1. Right on! and I think the dems in Wash. make the mistake of thinking that all those independants are former dems….well, seems that most dems are die hard dems. Of my friends, the Republicans are the ones that have become the independents….

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