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To Live And Die In Boston

In Can You Hear Me Now?, Obamarama on 17/01/2010 at 21:57

Update: Poll Shocker: Scott Brown Surges Ahead In Senate Race!

Overnight Polling shows Brown with a significant lead, and Pajamas Media overnight has him 15 points ahead of Martha Coakley, numbers that are consistent with Brown’s internal polling.

Virtually every major news outlet now reports Brown ahead and Byron York of the Washington Examiner reports two factors in play: health care and one-party rule. Several polls will do late night surveys, but it appears Obama’s visit to the Bay State will have either no effect or a reverse effect on the outcome.

This is a do-or-die day for the Obama administration as they pack Barack’s toothbrush and send him off to Boston. The fear that lies silently behind the gates of the White House is that the President’s appearance in the Bay State may create an even greater backlash against Democrats. Which could effectively end his presidency.

Let’s face it, if the President were a handicapper he would be out of work. Virtually everything he has put his hand to in the 12 months he’s been in office has gone over with a resounding thunk. His slow reaction and mismanagement in last month’s failed skivvy-bombing debacle seems to have been the last straw with many Americans, as they reassess what was to be the Mother of All Administrations.

In spite of party hacks’ attempts to spin it otherwise, Obama’s repeated visits to Virginia and New Jersey last November were humiliating defeats, and one more could be disastrous. He is now in a nose-to-nose race with Jimmy Carter as the worst president in the last 100 years. The first stimulus, by his own admission was a bust, his banking bailout is rife with scandal, and his Gallup numbers are the worst ever for a president entering his second year.

Obama ran on a Bill Clinton formula, as a moderate, but unlike Clinton, the Bart Simpson President, he is a true believer; he has not been willing to compromise his extreme left agenda to regain public confidence. His persistence in ramming his health care reform down our throats hit a serious snag when Governor Palin reignited the debate, and he is now dangerously close to point-of-no-return numbers, with no indication that he is willing to change.

For all of the left’s bashing of Sarah Palin it is clear that it is their man who doesn’t get it. Obama is in complete disconnect with the American people. Now the administration is trotting out Michelle, in an attempt to soften the Obama image, a move that has all the appeal of watching Mike Tyson gnaw on an ear.

So, John Kerry was right when he said this week “This race is do or die.” Not for the Bay State, but for Barack Obama and the Democrat Congress and Senate. Teddy Kennedy’s seat in the U.S. Senate is – or at least was – perceived as a virtual annuity, one Democrats would always own. Now the very fate of their party is at stake, ironically, in the very heart of American liberalism, and Obama’s success as an American president may live or die there today, as well.

Be sure to read Charles Krauthammer today

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