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Pat Robinson And That Voodoo Thing

In The Wrong Right Turn on 16/01/2010 at 10:08

Yeah, I have to weigh in on this one. Undoubtedly Pat Robinson has seen his best days with the 700 Club. It’s time he goes to the ranch and lets Gordon have the show. In the clips I saw, he didn’t actually say that God had brought an earthquake because of the sins of the Haitians, but the implication was there and he has not satisfactorily clarified his statement. We all need to keep Haiti in our prayers and donate to ministries and charities that already have a stable presence in the country.

Part of what Robertson says, however, is accurate; the Haitian’s devotion to voodoo has been a tremendous weight on the country for nearly 200 years. Voodoo, for all intents and purposes, has been the state religion of Haiti at least since Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier, a highly educated medical doctor, and one of the most ruthless dictators in modern history, controlled the island in the 1960s. Papa Doc was a powerful practitioner of voodoo and a member of the highly secretive Bizango society, which is essentially a second, hidden government on the Island.

Americans tend to disregard voodoo and Santeria as so much mumbo-jumbo because most of us have never been exposed to it. I have, and I assure you it is genuine. Zombification and other rituals that can only be described as demonic are widely practiced, and have a devastating effect of the culture and economics of the island nation.

In 1963, a Life Magazine reporter persisted in snapping photos of Papa Doc when ordered to stop. Suddenly the journalist felt sharp pains in his eye as he snapped. The next morning he awakened with a black eye. That is not a “sold-their-souls-to-the-devil” tale; it was printed in the pages of Life when it happened. Papa Doc was so feared that Fidel Castro, who was looking for countries to infiltrate in the 1960s, wouldn’t go near the place.

No, God is not bringing judgment on the Haitians for their practice of voodoo, but it is hard to ignore the powerfully negative effects it has had on the island nation’s economy. Voodoo is at the root of everything in the country, and Haiti would without question be one of the jewels of the Caribbean today had they rejected it. And there would almost certainly have been fewer deaths in the wake of this cataclysmic event.

  1. You are right. Voodoo is the root of the problem. Haiti is the most pathetic place I have ever been. The people are underfed in the best of times; the ground is depleted of nutrients; disease abounds. For all the money we have poured into the country, the people are still poor and have been robbed by corrupt government officials. Yet there are a lot of good people there. Sounds hopeless fo them. Financial aid for food, water and medicine are a short term help but in the long view the island needs a revival of Christianity.

    • Thanx, Bee,

      I couldn’t agree more. In 1963 JFK poured $43 billion into Haiti and it didn’t do a thing. I hope people who read this blog understand that we need to pray for the Haitians and support ministries that bring their greatest hope along with the food and medical assistance – Christianity.

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