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In The Way Far Right, The Wrong Right Turn on 15/01/2010 at 08:57

UN Arms Inspector Scott Ritter Busted In Kiddie-Porn Sting!

A few days ago I found myself coming to the defense of Michael Steele who was dubious about GOP chances to regain control of congress. Now Harry Reid? This is ridiculous. Yes, there’s a double standard in Washington, and no there shouldn’t be. But you know what gripes me most? PC Think.

The idea that anyone can tell me what’s appropriate to say or do puts a tight torque on my jaw. What the heck is wrong with using the word “Negro” in a conversation? Recently, in a post, I made the statement that Michelle Obama was Barack’s tutor in Negro 101. I said it for the shock value. No one honestly believes that a guy who was raised white, by whites, is passing the soul test in South Central Los Angeles. It was a tongue-in-cheek remark and I will not apologize for it.

The word “Negro” was adopted from Spanish and Portuguese and first recorded from the mid 16th century, and it comes from the Latin word meaning “black.” It’s a perfectly appropriate, albeit archaic, word and there is not a racist thing about it.

This is absolute nonsense and what burns me most is that these ideas are being assimilated in the conservative culture because some news anchor or left-brain academic tells us we’re inappropriate. I don’t give a rip what the NAACP or the Black Panthers or anyone else thinks; I will not let them tell me how to speak. I draw the line at racial epithets, but “Negro” certainly isn’t one.

Harry Reid wasn’t being humorous when he made his statement, but if he had been I would have laughed. If he’d use that other “N-word” I’d be as outraged as anyone, but I’m not about to beat up on the guy for using a perfectly good word. The thought Nazis have been destroying our vocabulary and our very sense of humor for 40 years, and it’s time we stop giving them the power to do it.

I reject any standard that allows a certain group to use a word with impunity, yet calls me a racist for doing the same. Anyone who has ever been to a 7-Eleven store after eleven o’clock at night knows what I’m talking about here. The same goes for gays – and that was my word first, by the way – Gays don’t get to call themselves fags and queers around me unless they expect me to use the same words.

Everything we do these days, it seems, has to go through a PC panel before we can know what is or is not acceptable, and I’m not buying it. I am not going to justify myself to anyone at the expense of free speech. This kind of thinking is hypocritical and borders on fascism. People’s lives are being destroyed for what they think! Just one foot over our border, in Canada, a minister can be arrested for preaching against homosexuality, and it’s coming here if we don’t tell these guys to put their PC crap where the sun don’t shine.

Goodnight from the Left Coast.


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