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Memo To ‘Barry From Washington’: Stop Helping – It Hurts!

In Bowling for Dollars, Obamarama on 15/01/2010 at 20:02

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In his press conference yesterday Barack Obama expressed my sentiments to a tee. “We want our money back!” he firmly demand – as only Barack can demand – of the Wall Street bankers.

I understand his concern; we wouldn’t want anyone rewarded for making a profit. Funny thing is, there isn’t a banker on the planet that I trust less than Barack Obama. Give me a greedy banker any day. Obama makes used car salesmen look like the March of Dimes.

This is my Audacity of Hope moment: I hope somebody commits this guy before we have an economy the size of Mexico.

Has anybody actually calculated how much money Barack Obama has spent for every minute he’s been in office? Actually I found one guy who has. He a blogger at the Los Angeles Examiner website. In a banner headline over there, Jarrod Brown says: Obama Administration Adding $3 Million Per Minute To National Debt.

That was in September so the numbers may have changed. What’s $1 million an hour give or take?

I hate these analogies that calculate how many Happy Meals $3 trillion will buy – I mean who wants 1.5 trillion Happy Meals? – so let’s put this in perspective. These numbers are courtesy of Info Please, and I’m not sure of their accuracy, but I assume they’re ballpark.

Between the years 1789 and 1849 the government operated at a $70 million budget surplus. And the Founding Fathers thought we were broke! From 1850 through 1900 the government operated at a $991 million budget deficit and we financed both the Civil and Spanish American wars. In 1920, after WWI, we had a $23 million surplus. In 1935 Roosevelt vaulted us into the $3 billion bracket. Need I continue?

It took George Bush eight years to reach the record-breaking $1 trillion mark; in just 12 short months Obama has tripled – some say quadrupled – that figure.

For months the media have reminded us that Barack Obama inherited this deficit from George Bush. I won’t dignify the absurdity of that remark with a response. Barack Obama is looking more like Eddie Haskell by the minute. Has anybody counted the White House silverware?

What about the bankers’ obscene bonuses? It’s called capitalism, Barry, check it out sometime!

  1. Right on! This bozo has spent more than all the others put together!

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