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What If They Gave A War and Everybody Came, But Us?

In The American Jihad, The Enemy Among Us on 14/01/2010 at 07:30

American Traitor and al Qaeda Minister of Propaganda, Adam Gadahn

I pulled this post last night because I wasn’t happy with the tone. I want to begin by saying that I bear no animosity toward Muslims as a religion or a people. That being said, I must add, that neither do I respect many of the Muslims I have met, or the others I’ve seen in the media. If any Christian sect perpetrated the acts that extremist Muslims have against the U.S., every mainstream minister in America would disavow them repeatedly. Muslims have not done this with the terrorists that are at war with us.

Still, we are a nation of immigrants and I celebrate our racial diversity and our religious freedoms.

The war we are currently engaged in is unlike any in American history, and indeed like no other in the history of the industrialized world. We are in a war of religious ideologies. Our enemy is a dedicated 7th century throwback, determined to destroy us regardless of how many generations it takes to accomplish the goal. We are the “infidels.”

Both the Bush and Obama Administrations have regarded this conflict as something that can be won on a foreign field of battle, similar to our two world wars of the past. They are wrong, just as their predecessors were wrong in Vietnam. Osama bin Laden sees this as an extension of the war Muslims have been fighting for 1,200 years, a war to eradicate Judaism and Christianity. Now they are using Americans to accomplish that goal. Many have been radicalized right here and more will follow.

Bin Laden’s greatest asset is his patience. He planned 9-11 for eight years before he delivered his devastating blow on the Trade Center. He is shrewd and he has a sophisticated network of supporters world wide, one of which, according to CIA sources, is Saudi Arabia. The Saudis have promised their assistance in bringing him to justice, but in the nearly 14 years he has been at large they have never once helped. Bin Laden and Iran both intend to fight their war on American soil.

But Osama is a figurehead. If we remove him tomorrow another will stand in his place just as evil and influential. In his own words: “O my soul if you do not get killed, you are going to die, anyway. This is death’s pool in front of you! … Death is better than life in humiliation!”

Our intelligence community and our political leaders have made the disastrous mistake of separating our enemy; they have made distinctions between Shi’a and Sunni, and they don’t realize that their isn’t a dime’s worth of difference when it comes to extremist Islam’s hatred for America and Israel. Iran is dangerously close to realizing a nuclear device that can reach targets in Israel and America. They have sworn for 31 years that they will exterminate us. I don’t doubt them.

Osama may be farther along that them. At this writing approximately 300 hundred pounds of weapons-grade plutonium is missing from the former USSR’s Cold War arsenal. In an article dated January 29, 2003, FoxNews.com reported: “Usama Bin Laden allegedly has already purchased a number of nuclear suitcase bombs from Chechen organized crime groups and there have been reports that he has backpack bombs.”

The government does not deny the existence of as many as 100 of these weapons floating around out there. Bin Laden is not in a hurry to use them, if indeed he has them; he will wait for the perfect opportunity.

Shall we wait until these monsters are ready and fight on their terms? I can’t imagine such insanity.

Be careful with your vote in 2010; your very life is at stake. I have said in the past that they don’t hate us because we are Americans; they hate us because we are not Muslim. If we don’t take immediate steps to find out who our enemies are in this country, we will suffer staggering losses right here.

  1. Very true, I’m afraid. And you are right about the 2010 election…..keep it up

  2. I know this one was controversial but I am right. There is no way this will not come back to haunt us unless we act now. Dearborn, MI is already rife with extremist Muslims and the U.S. has let it get out of hand. This, contrary to Barack Obama’s assertions to the contrary, is NOT a Muslim country.

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