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Palin Alert: A Stupid Thing Happened on the Way to the Bank

In Disappearing Ink, Palinography, Sarah Palin on 13/01/2010 at 21:58


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Palin Alert: Break Out The Kryptonite, She Stickin’ Around
It warms my heart to see our tax dollars over at the NPR at work. In his Op-Ed, “Fox’s New Star, Sarah Palin, May Be Dim,” this morning, The Nation Op-Eder and NPR public servant John Nichols thought we needed to know, again, that Sarah Palin is just plain stupid.

Here’s a quote from this brilliant literary star’s latest opus: “Maybe it isn’t wise to note all of her missteps and misstatements as if they are evidence of a cavalier approach to politics and governing. Maybe, just maybe, Palin is doing the best she can. Maybe the woman who has just signed on as a Fox News contributor is not quite the bright star her supporters imagine and her critics fear. Maybe she is just a little bit dimmer than we thought.”

I should say so! While Mr. Nichols hunts and pecks away on his Vaio sucking up taxpayer dollars at NPR and writing liberal drivel for the dwindling readership at The Nation, Governor (that’s an elected position, by the way) Palin just inked a seven-figure deal with the hottest cable network in the country; this after coming off the most successful book tour in recent memory, which, again, by the way, put her in the 90 percent bracket.

Palin must be a moron!

But maybe I’m being cruel. Maybe, just maybe, Mr. Nichols is doing the best he can.

Life isn’t fair. While Mr. Nichols slaves away over there for hunting and pecking stories that nobody reads, that incredibly stupid Palin is commanding and getting $100K per rubber chicken dinner, a fee which, contrary to liberal gab, she will to forgo when she speaks at the Tea Party Convention this month.

Perhaps Nichols has a point, though. After all, anyone who can’t remember an unforgettable figure like Joe Biden must be a little dim. O’Biden’s so popular that Rahm Emmanuel has been trying to hide him ever since the election. Who won that debate, by the way?

Really, must we go here again?

Yes, Sarah Palin made some gaffs out of the chute in the 2008 campaign. Yes, she’s folksy and has Heartland values that someone who spends his life yearning for the glory days of the 1960s, when food stamps were king and Johnson put two chickens in every pot farm, will never understand. But dumb? Is this creatively challenged hack really telling us that Palin is dumb? What next? Will he critique her hair?

Mr. Nichols could have could have accused Sarah Palin of a good many things, most of which would stimulate healthy debate.

But being dim ain’t one of them.

BTW: Palin will be with that other big dummy, Glenn Beck, today.

  1. Yes, I expect now that she’s on Fox the Dems will sit back and wait for her to make a gaff. They need to live with it because she’s here to stay.

  2. Yeah. They’ve been trying to Bork her since the election and nothing works. I agree, she ain’t no dummy.

  3. Yeah and they tried to say Ronald Reagan was stupid also and have you seen his speeches that are handwritten? No chance someone else wrote them. She is not stupid and they better not underestimate her…

  4. No, I’m certain she’s an idiot and proven to be a pathalogical liar. She is bad for the GOP!

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