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A GOP Turncoat Bites the Dust

In Sarah Palin, The Haters, The Way Far Right on 12/01/2010 at 08:15

Former McCain Strategist, Steve Schmidt

Is it just me or is Washington getting more like bad television every week? Watching Steve Schmidt last night on 60 Minutes, I thought for a moment I’d tuned onto a spinoff of West Wing: “The Dumb Republican Who Didn’t Get His Candidate to the West Wing.”

Everyone knows why 60 Minutes would consider yet another hit piece on Sarah Palin newsworthy. I mean she’s a born-again Christian, she decided to have a Down’s syndrome baby, she’s against gay marriage – she has to be stupid. Right? Right?

But what does Schmidt hope to accomplish with this “insider edition” of the McCain Campaign’s disastrous attempt to win the Presidency? Remember, he started this by floating anti-Palin rumors and going on Larry King Live with his “catastrophic” statement against her.

Here is the downside for Schmidt, as I see it. Before last night, 95 percent of the public had no idea that he was the guy who ran the most embarrassing Republican campaign in history. Weird Al Yankovich could have run against Barack Obama and won. So I am at a loss to understand why he would want to continue to trash Palin more than a year after the election.

Let me get this straight. Is Schmidt saying that as head of McCain Campaign day-to-day operations he didn’t properly vet Palin? Or is he saying that he knew the Governor was unqualified but didn’t say anything before McCain chose her? Or is it simply that he wasn’t loyal to McCain in the first place and wanted him to fail? Because I’m not buying his assertion that Palin was a last desperate choice over a bad burrito dinner.

Or … or could it be that Steve Schmidt, as an active proponent of gay marriage, finds himself at odds with the Governor’s core beliefs? Could it be that he is a caustic critic of conservative Christian ideology? Just who isn’t being honest here?

Whatever his answer – and it must be one or all of the above – Steve Schmidt has shown himself to be, at the very least, unethical and untrustworthy to any candidate that would seek his services in the future.

With his appearance on 60 Minutes, Schmidt will undoubtedly now do the obligatory talk show perp walk: Oprah, Larry King, and Ellen DeGeneres, then fade into “also-ran” history with a Scott McClellan jacket. But this is such good bad TV that I think I’ll write up a treatment and send it over to Viacom. I’ll pitch Richard Dreyfuss for the McCain roll; he can use the work.

Gee, do you think Catherine Zeta-Jones would look good in glasses?


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  1. Cate Jones would look good in anything! :>)
    Schmidt makes no sense and trashing her and then saying that if it weren’t for her that McCain would have a loss worse than he did? Which is it? My guess is that he doesn’t like her values, she is conservative and he’s not! In fact I would guess he’s a liberal, which is why McCain picked him…McCain swears that he loves her but then actions speak louder than words as he never stands up against the bashers…but she’s an Alaskan girl that daddy raised like a boy and she is tough! She will survive and then some….

  2. Well, any Republican who’s been in Washington very long is somewhat liberal. Middle management in virtually every government office in town is liberal because LBJ built it into the structure. It’s why the State Department remains left no matter who is in power. It’s darn near impossible to fire them. My pick for GOP lead was Ken Blackwell, also a black man, but far more conservative than Steele.

  3. Somehow my last comment was attached here and should have on the Michael Steele piece. Yes, Palin can survive, but I have to say, expectations are so high for her, that I don’t know how anyone could live up to them.
    I think she should drop her guard and just say what she thinks. She’s a heartland Republican who really couldn’t give a rip what Bill O’Reilly or the others think and she should show that side.

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