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Steele First and Ten, GOP Still Zilch

In Reaganology on 11/01/2010 at 09:33

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MIchael Steele Is Right: GOP Is Not Ready To Lead

Having recently deserted the Republican Party, I find myself uneasy about coming to the defense of Michael Steele, but that’s the position I find myself in after the party hacks went off on him this weekend.

Steele was right, in my view, that the GOP may regain leadership in the House but that they probably aren’t ready for it. “How long will they hold it?” he rhetorically asked Fox New Sunday’s Chris Wallace. How long indeed. By the way the House and Senate leadership are acting you’d think they actually did something to instigated this fortuitous turn of events in their favor. They haven’t.

In the history of modern politics there has never been a more inept group of politicians than the Republicans. They are like a Max Sennet movie; funny and old and tired. To his credit, Steele sees the flaws, but he’s powerless to fix them. Republican leadership, short of Steele, and possibly Newt Gingrich, is nonexistent. They can claim absolutely no credit for the Democrat’s tanking numbers in the wake of Obama’s disastrous juggernaut to “fundamentally” destroy America.

Let’s tell it like it is. Sarah Palin singlehandedly reignited the health care debate while the Republican leadership in both Houses failed to define an opposition message. They have – and I’ll include Steele here – persisted in declaring themselves the “Big Tent” while steadily moving to the left like shifting deckchairs on the Titanic.

Secondly is Glenn Beck and the Tea-Party Movement. The conservative uprising in the country is the first genuine grassroots movement to go nationwide since the civil rights movement of the 1960s, and the GOP had absolutely nothing to do with it. Beck and, again, Sarah Palin have stirred the base of not only the GOP, but also independents, bringing the debate to a boil on Obama’s Stimulus, whacko environmentalism, health care, and Islamic terrorism. Only the GOP is dumb enough not to know that they will effect 2010 enormously.

Steele doesn’t get a complete pass. He has also made some blunder-head moves since taking office. Tapping Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for the rebuttal to Obama’s first address to Congress was one of many. I am not a Sarah Palin for President jangler; it’s far too soon for that. I do, however, believe she’s the best thing to happen to the conservative movement in 30 years, and only an out-of-touch GOP chairman would have passed up the chance to use her.

Listen, I hope the GOP regains the House and lays heavy casualties on the Dems in the Senate in 2010. Anything is better than the Pelosi-Reid train wreck. But that does not fix my beef with the GOP.

They have breached their Contract With America, they have dismantled the Reagan Revolution, and they are all at fault.

  1. I do agree that it has been frustrating to put in mild terms to watch the GOP sit back, and say- “they won’t let us do anything!” for the past several years. I my frustration level is only second to that of Obama constantly claiming his short comings on his predecessor. It is time for some TRUE leadership to happen, and ACTUAL change to go on. Great article.

  2. Thanx so much. Yes, it is frustrating, but maybe a sea change is in progress. I hope.

  3. Steele is a great guy and I had hoped he was the one to lead the party but I now, do not think he is strong enough.

  4. […] · Leave a Comment A few days ago I found myself coming to the defense of Michael Steele who was dubious about GOP chances to regain control of congress. Now Harry Reid? This is […]

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