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The Kauai Report Card

In Obamarama, The American Jihad, The Enemy Among Us on 08/01/2010 at 09:03

Barack Obama made a good presentation today on his Administration’s failures in the Northwest 253 Bomber SNAFU. The only problem is it was the same speech George Bush gave in September 2001. Obama was, at the very least, two weeks late in giving his address, but he’s years behind in his war mentality.

Sounding tough is this President’s forte. He hangs out to putt a few rounds, catches some rays and tasty waves, and shows up late sounding like Apollo Creed. The President hasn’t yet seemed to grasp the concept of instilling confidence in the American people. He has, to his credit, however, learned where the buck stops. Whew! I was wondering where it stopped on December 25, when we got 72 hours of technicolor static from Kauai. When he did finally step to the mic, I was waiting for Herve Villechaize to come out yelling, “Boss! Boss! De plane!” Unfortunately, Robert Gibbs was the only staff member actually on the job.

He is also learning new words: “terrorist,” for one; “war” is another. Put that together and you kinda get an idea that we may have a problem with terrorists. Not one “man-caused disaster” in the whole speech. For his speechwriter, Barry gets a solid B+.

For the rest – Obama has had a problem with timing since Chief Justice Roberts blew his swearing in last January. He has tried to hike energy rates in the middle of winter, ram through trillion-dollar health care in the worst recession in 30 years, and he stalled troops for Afghanistan when our kids were putting their lives on the line.

For all of that he gets a solid F.

His Administration is “Monkey See, Monkey Do.” While Barack’s “systemic failure” was at critical mass, Counter Intel Chief, Michael Leiter, was leaving town on a ski vacation, and Winky, Blinky, and Nod – Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, and Leon Panetta – were asleep at the switch.

On a personal note:

Mr. President, al Qaeda recruited American, Daniel Patrick Boyd, a white man, right here at home. What is it about “we’re at war” you do not understand?

Shall I move on to the economy?

  1. Again, the man has an ego beyond belief!
    He’s so into himself that it is mind boggling….if Bush had done what he did, regarding the attack, oh yes Bush did sit in the school room for a few more seconds than the press & liberals thought he should…and we would have thought the world was going to come to an end…but then he was a Republican wasn’t he?

  2. He’s the first president in my memory whom I believe is clinically narcissistic. I truly believe that he’s diagnosable. Krauthammer has eluded to it several times, and he is a textbook cited psychiatrist.

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