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Hijacking Democracy and Dumping the Goods

In Obamarama on 07/01/2010 at 09:09

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The biggest problem with stealing the Mona Lisa, I’ve always thought, would not be the theft. It would be getting rid of it once you pulled off the heist. That’s precisely Barack Obama’s dilemma today. He has hijacked democracy and he has no idea what to do with it. You have to understand his history to get your head around this, but the man has spent the totality of his life in a totalitarian fugue, and now he’s learning that Marxism has a few glitches.

I have never seen this as specifically Obama’s fault; he’s just another progeny of the Beat Poets, those jacked up degenerates, con men, and felons like Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs, and Alan Ginsberg who brought existentialism and nonconformity mainstream in the 1950s and sixties. Obama is so run-of-the-mill its ridiculous, and now the American people are beginning to see that they bought into an embarrassingly simple flimflam scheme.

The people are to blame here. Everyone of us who is too lazy to find out what judges in our community elections are for law and order and which are liberal charlatans; everyone who turns on five minutes of news a night and deigns to call themselves informed; everyone who doesn’t see their vote as a precious freedom. We’ve elected a chuck-n-jive huckster who looked good in a thirty-second freeze frame, and now, with his Administration in meltdown, we’re singing the “Big Fat Woman Blues.”

I have no faith that Obama can redeem himself with the public. He could do it by moving drastically to the center, but any move for Obama would be admitting that he has been wrong, and his disease – his narcissism – will not allow it. Only a massive ego would prevent the President from laying Janet Napolitano on the sacrificial alter this week, and he couldn’t do it. Let’s face it, he didn’t dare try it with Hillary Clinton – the real culprit in the Skivvy Bomber scandal – but somebody should have gone under the bus. Instead, he shot a few more holes, solved a family boo-boo, and then thought about America.

The Democratic Party revealed itself as the train wreck it is, this month, with the defections and retirements of several key party stalwarts, drummed out by flagging polls and the Pelosi-Reid feeding frenzy. The party in power has to have strong leadership from the President and Obama hasn’t shown it. he comes off as weak, indecisive, and at times downright effete. The Administration has only one punt left in the quarter: Immigration Reform. Obama may win the TD, but he will have completely lost his party when he’s finished. Hillary Clinton will be the next defection, not from the party, but from “Obama’s” mess.

Democratic liberals have been trying to hijack the Constitution for 40 years and they have almost succeeded. But now they have a split party, a militantly angry electorate, and they have to find a way to sell a dead act … again.

  1. Darn, that’s good…..you are absolutely right on!!!!

  2. Yeah, I admit I’ve been wrong about him. He hasn’t a clue of how to run the thing now that he has it. The problem now is how we hold him down and keep him from destroying it until we can vote him out.

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