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Hillary’s Excellent Adventure

In Obamarama, The American Jihad, The Enemy Among Us on 06/01/2010 at 08:12

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Has anyone else noticed how well Hillary Clinton has dodged the Flight 253 Bomber scandal? I never cease to be amazed at the political savvy of this woman. She could pick your pocket in front of an audience and make them believe they were seeing things. I mean it was, after all, her State Department that issued the visa to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, yet, so far, Napolitano, Panetta, and even Obama have taken all the heat. Hillary caught a little today, but I have no problem believing she’ll skate on the heavy charges.

I have a theory, and I may be all wet, but I think the media are still running interference for her. In fact I think that in some liberal circles right now they believe that they backed the wrong horse in 2008, and they’re looking for a redux in 2012. I thought on the day he offered her the State Department, “Gee, what a perfect platform from which to launch the “Hillary Get Even Tour.” It gives her an ideal chance to look statesmanlike, while maintaining a relatively low profile in the Administration.

You have to admit it is a tantalizing thought, Hillary challenging BHO in the 2012 Primary. I look for her to resign in the later part of 2010, but we’ll see. After the way Obama dissed her for the Veep spot after the election I cannot believe this woman isn’t looking to get even. And it will be a GOP Godsend if she decides to go for it.


FOXNews.com: DODD FORCED OUT! WON’T RUN IN 2010! – The Democratic stalwart had been at the center of efforts to deal with the financial meltdown and played a prominent role in the debate over overhauling health care.

WSJ: The Ramzi Yousef Standard -The Administration has ways of making terrorists not talk. Yesterday, the White House reversed itself on repatriating Guantanamo detainees to chaotic Yemen, a step in the right direction. Now if it would only revisit its Ramzi Yousef standard for interrogating captured terrorists like Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

Does ‘No-Drama Obama’ Soothe Nation’s Fears? – (CNN) — In the days since a botched attempt to blow up a passenger plane, President Obama has faced criticism that he was too cool, too weak and too late in his response to the near-tragedy.

Triple Agent Was ‘CIA’s Best Hope For Years’ – The Jordanian triple agent who detonated a suicide bomb inside a CIA base in Afghanistan last week had been considered the best hope for American intelligence agencies to discover the whereabouts of Al Qaeda’s leaders.

Michelle Malkin: Darkness Reigns: Obama And The Vampire Congress

  1. Good chance you are right and many wish she was at the helm today….

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