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Obama, Hopelessly Out of His Depth

In Obamarama on 04/01/2010 at 19:30


If any of you have read this blog from the beginning, I’ll stipulate to any criticism that I have been inconsistent on Obama. One minute I’ve thought he was the most evil genius since Dr. Moriarty, and the next I’ve painted him being the dumbest thing since Jimmy Carter fell off the peanut truck. He is probably neither. For all of his Ivy League education and New Left urban guerilla training, I now believe that Barack Obama is simply out of his depth – hopelessly out.

I’ve no doubt that Glenn Beck is on target in his claim that Obama is – as Obama himself has said – trying to fundamentally change America; he is not only trying, he is doing it. But in the same token he is making abysmal mistakes while doing it, and now teeters precariously close to the edge of an outright Democrat mutiny in both the House and the Senate as well as with the shameless mainstream media.

What the President failed to consider on his rise to the highest seat of power in the world was that, while undermining the U.S. Constitution and radically socializing the nation, he would have to actually run the day-to-day business of the country, and in that regard, he is failing miserably. So much so that it has raised a glimmer of hope in the eyes of a conservative everyman like yours truly. And it’s us everyday guys who count.

His greatest weakness is with appointments, as reported by Michelle Malkin last week. From his cabinet to the trotline of czars – who have run the gamut from 9-11 Truthers to pedophile gay activists – Obama lacks Bill Clinton’s finesse in tapping the right people for the job who can get it done and keep the ship afloat while doing it. Now there are rumblings that Tom Daschle is set to take over Rahm Emmanuel’s slot as head Administration thug.

Sorely lacking in the Obama’s camp are the brilliant thinkers that were so much a part of Clinton’s administration. There is no Dick Morris or James Carville to test the political winds for Barack, poll the electorate, and strategize every move before he makes it, as was the case with Clinton.

No, I’ve been wrong; although he still has time to turn it around and move to the center, at least until the 2012 election, Barack Hussein Obama is pathetically out of his depth. The dilemma he faces in deserting his ultra-left base now and moving to the center is the “L-word.” If he makes such a move – and I have to believe bringing Daschle aboard would signal that move – he can’t return. The second term of any U.S. president is about one thing – legacy. A turn to the center now is irreversible, and it may not work anyway.

He has lost the seniors and a good piece of the passionate young voters are gone; moderates, who are from the git-go a dubious lot, won’t be back in numbers. These are the Bill O’Reilly fans, who have no core ideology. Doubtlessly he can recoup some of them but the meat and potatoes in his base are too dubious to believe him.

Obama is the second president we’ve had in two decades who didn’t expect to be elected on his first outing. Bill Clinton was the first. But unlike Clinton he does not possess the depth to man up to the job. The GOP under Michael Steele may not possess the stuff to take advantage of Obama’s ineptitude, but, if they don’t, they’ll be missing a golden opportunity.


Colombia Rebels, Al Qaeda In “Unholy” Drug Alliance – BOGOTA (Reuters) – Colombian guerrillas have entered into “an unholy alliance” with Islamic extremists who are helping the Marxist rebels smuggle cocaine through Africa on its way to European consumers, a U.S. official told Reuters.

Silent Hilly Speaks Up: Calls Instability in Yemen a Global Threat – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said instability in Yemen posed a global threat and pledged on Monday to plug any holes in U.S. security procedures after a Christmas Day airline bombing attempt.

London Times: Transport Paralysed In Asia’s Worst Winter In 60 Years – Railways, roads and airports were paralysed in Korea and China, and dozens of people died of cold in northern India after some of Asia’s worst winter weather in 60 years.

Six Trucks Of Explosives ‘Disappear’ In Yemen – Fears of a terrorist strike against Western embassies in Yemen have grown amid claims a convoy of lorries laden with explosives had been smuggled into the country’s capital city, Sana’a.

Third Uninvited Guest Attended White House Dinner – WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A third uninvited guest made it into a White House state dinner in honor of the Indian prime minister, but there is no evidence the person had contact with the president or first lady, the Secret Service said on Monday.

Total In $2 Billion Shale Gas Tie-Up With Chesapeake – PARIS/LONDON (Reuters) – France’s Total signed a $2.25 billion tie-up with Chesapeake Energy, becoming the latest international oil company to take advantage of low gas prices to snap up shale gas assets.

Christmas Day Bombing Plot: Who Knew What, When? – U.S. spy agencies and the State Department had information about a Nigerian man with alleged ties to militants in Yemen before he attempted to blow up a U.S. passenger jet on Christmas Day.

Via HotAir.com: New Poll Has Palin Up Eight Points in Alaska – Hays Research Group’s poll shows Sarah Palin’s positive rating in Alaska at 55% among adults, up eight points from what this pollster showed as Palin’s positive rating in late July.

  1. My assessment is that he is way over his head….the new Fox poll regarding his handling of the terrorist situation is a big negative. Over 96% do not trust him to do the job….

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