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Hello Leon Panetta: It’s The Profiling, Stupid

In The American Jihad, The Enemy Among Us on 02/01/2010 at 18:33

Will no one in the MSM challenge this government on its steamy love affair with Muslims? When George W. Bush “fired” Reverend Franklin Graham from leading prayer at the White House shortly after 9-11, when Graham announced that Islam was, “a religion of hate,” I knew we were in trouble. Excuse the right reverend for arriving at an obvious conclusion!

Now we learn that our CIA in Afghanistan may have allowed an Afghani informant enough access to their base of operations to aid the suicide bomber who killed eight civilian employees in pulling off the attack.

Barack Obama was right about one thing when he rushed to the microphone 72 hours after Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to blow up Delta Flight 253 — there was one freaking big “systemic failure.” Where was Barack for those 72 hours, by the way, at Ramadan services?”

The “systemic failure,” as our wordy leader framed it, is not with the men and women of our intelligence and security services; it lies with the bureaucrats who from the beginning of this war have refused to admit that we are at war with a religion, and insisted that the prime targets at airport screening stations should be octogenarian grandmothers. They’ve done everything but full body-cavity searches and still can’t arrive at the conclusion that something is wrong with our screening criteria.

And could it be, just possibly, that giving any Muslim gate privileges at a forward Predator Drone operations facility might not be a good idea? Just a thought.

I’ve got an idea. Let’s just give everyone from a Muslim nation boarding passes at airports. Let’s just trot them right around the security and put them on the planes. Let’s put up Sale signs at the Army recruiters: “Get Your Red Hot GI Right Here! Enlist Today and Kill Two For a Nickel!”

But, above all, let us not identify anyone who looks like the enemy as a possible enemy; let’s make sure their al Qaeda dues are paid up before we call them a terrorist. And by no means even utter the P-word. ‘Profiling’ has such ugly connotations.


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  1. The people in power in this country are so Politically Correct that they are going to get a lot more of us dead…..I hope it doesn’t take another 911 for them to wake up and quit worrying about what the rest of the world or the far left loonies think of us……most of us don’t care how many muslims we profile…if the shoe fits? Most of us Americans do not look like a bomber, so lets check out the one’s that fit the profile and sorry to the one’s that look like it but aren’t! that’s just the price we pay…..and stop all of this nonsense…

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