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The ‘Comeback’ That Never Was

In Palinography, Sarah Palin on 30/12/2009 at 22:37

I’ve been looking for a diversion from the news of recent days of the failed attack in Detroit and the administration’s deplorable handling of it. Sarah Palin is as pleasant a diversion from the insanity of Obama’s assemblage of goons, loons, and morons as I can think of to ring out 2009.

Even the conservative skeptics are beginning to come around, or so it would seem, by some of the editorials being floated since her whirlwind Roguernaut book tour began, in November. Michael Continetti asked, “Can Sarah Palin Make a Comeback?” in his WSJ editorial, right before the tour began, leaving me to wonder where Mr. Continetti thought she’d gone.

Isn’t that just like the East Coast media? They’re the only people on the planet that think Palin went somewhere after the election. Truth is, they never caught up with her, in the first place. Liberal Times columnist Maureen Dowd calls her, “Caribou Barbie,” because – let’s face it – the Governor attracts more readers with one tiny little Face Book post, than “Madison Avenue Muarie” gets in three months. Killing caribou is a side plus.

Okay, just one more, I promise. This from a couple of reporters at the L.A. Times nobody ever heard of. “’Going Rogue’ Is Sarah Palin’s Shot At Redemption And Revenge. She Aims To Reclaim The Narrative Of Her Political Career.” Where do they get these guys? When a world-renowned television personality like Barbara Walters has an hour to interview her, and can’t find anything better to ask than “Is there anything you would change about your body?” I know that they will never get it … and that Palin most certainly does.

Well, the liberal media have hurled everything they have at Palin, and nothing seems to stick. They worked this same shtick on Dan Quayle in the 1990s, but there is one glaring difference with the Governor: She knows how to move the game. She singlehandedly reignited the health care debate with that smokin’ little Face Book page.

Look, Sarah Palin is the viral phenomenon that she is, for several reasons that no one on the Washington Post or L.A. Times or someone like Maureen Dowd will ever understand. People can sense that she might actually be able to do her own nails.

It’ll be interesting to watch her during the 2010 election cycle. If she decides to truly go rouge, some stuffy Republicans could be in serious trouble, and the Democrats already know they are. There are some people on both sides that wish Palin would go somewhere to make a comeback from, but it isn’t likely to happen.


Judge Orders Records Opened In Palin Custody Case
CONFIDENTIAL: Bristol Wants Case Sealed, But Levi Argues He Fears The Vindictiveness Of Grandmother.
– The custody dispute between Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin over their now 1-year-old son Tripp is playing out in court, and despite Palin’s efforts to keep the case confidential, a judge last week opened it to the public

FOXNews.com: U.S. Knew of Airline Terror Plot Before Christmas– The U.S. government had intelligence from Yemen before Christmas that leaders of a branch of Al Qaeda there were talking about “a Nigerian” being prepared for a terrorist attack.

Times London:
US ‘Stopped Dutch Installation Of Full Body Scanners’ – The United States prevented Dutch authorities from installing full body scanners before the suspected Christmas Day bomb plotter passed through security at Amsterdam’s airport, the Dutch government claimed today.

Judicial Watch: Judicial Watch Announces List Of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” For 2009 – Dodd, Ensign, and Obama, the Who’s Who of Washington Crooks …

American Spectator: Wikipedia Meets Its Own Climategate – Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, had an article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal drawing attention to the rise of “online hostility” and the “degeneration of online civility.” He (and coauthor Andrea Weckerle) suggested ways in which we can “prevent the worst among us from silencing the best among us.”



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