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Develop a World War Mentality Now … or Else

In The American Jihad, The Enemy Among Us on 28/12/2009 at 10:08

UPDATE: Secretary Napalatano has finally copped to the security inadequacies leading up to this attack. The story below and headlines are from 1:00 EST, this morning.

Get ready, it’s happening again. In the aftermath of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s attempted takedown of Delta Flt. 253 with its 278 passengers and eleven crew members, the administration is treating the case like a mild episode of Irritable Bowl Syndrome. While Obama enjoys the tasty waves in Hawaii, the Administration – to use a way loose term – trotted, well, lugged out Janet Napolitano to tell us, “The system worked.”

Excuse me while I catch up. The system worked? What is this woman on?

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs assures us that the President wants reviews. We have to take Bob’s word for it; no one can find Obama. “There are a series of database universes that list people that are of some concern to several agencies across the government,” Gibbs said. “We want to ensure that information-sharing is always happening as it should.”

How freaking reassuring! Let me contribute, Bob. It Isn’t.

It is becoming abundantly clear that the Obama Administration, like Bush before them, intends to conduct the domestic war on radicalized Islam like we have conducted the war on drugs for the last 40 years – ineptly. True, HLS has foiled multiple terrorist attacks since 9-11, but no amount of double-speak can make that an offensive war on jihadists. We are hunkered down here, ignoring the obvious, and all too soon one of these inbred nutcases will succeed. Our intelligence communications are as incoherent as a Gibbs press briefing, and Napolitano needs therapy if she honestly thinks she can sell this drivel to anyone not on Prozac.

Yesterday morning Jonah Goldberg called for Secretary Napolitano to be fired, but it will do absolutely no good, unless we decide to win the war. Not the war in Afghanistan – the war right here.

There are several things we can do before, God forbid, the Islamists get their hands on a suitcase bomb and deploy it in an American city. These measures will sound extreme but we are coming late to the game, and if we don’t move quickly and decisively we will soon lose many civilian lives.

1) Restrict all foreign visas, preventing any Muslim from entering the U.S. before undergoing a deep background check. Restrict all exit visas, requiring the same of Muslims – citizens or otherwise – traveling from the U.S. abroad. Revoke all student visas and deport them.

2) Begin deportation proceedings against all non-citizen Muslims who are linked with radical mosques in the U.S., whether or not they are guilty of a crime. We have done this with Mafia associates for years, and believe me, the FBI knows who they are.

3) Close the borders now, with armed National Guard troops and Predator drones, if necessary. Right now our points of entry – legal and otherwise – leak like sieves.

4) Finally, either set out to win an all out victory in Afghanistan, or bring the troops home, now. An all out victory means turning the poppy fields in the Helmand province to something roughly resembling the surface of the moon, and doing the same with Taliban and al Qaeda strongholds on both sides of the Pakistan border.

During the 1960s the anti-war movement had signs printed and they became quite the commercial success. They read, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” It’s amazing that something so stupid could catch on, but it did. Well, America can no longer afford experiments in passivism. The threat to our homeland is the greater than any we have faced in history. If we are to survive we must develop a World War mentality. Because they are coming.


London Telegraph: You Do the Hokey Pokey Then You Turn Yourself Around … Napolitano finally admits system didn’t work.

London: Detroit terror attack: MI5 hunt for bomber’s accomplices MI5 is hunting for possible accomplices of the Detroit airline bomber amid fears that he may have been planning to launch the attack from Britain.

AP – Detroit explosive common, easily detectible – The explosive device used by the would-be Detroit bomber contained a widely available – and easily detected – chemical explosive that has a long history of terrorist use, according to government officials and explosive experts.

Yemen Real Home of Al Qaeda: The Detroit airline bomb plot was planned in the land of bin Laden’s ancestors. Richard Spencer reports.

NewsMax: GOP Slams Administration for Security Breakdowns Leading to Airliner Attack – WASHINGTON – Investigators piecing together a brazen attempt to bring down a trans-Atlantic airliner said Sunday the suspect tucked a small bag holding his deadly concoction on his body, using an explosive that would have been easily detected with the right airport equipment.

You Tube: Senator Max Baucus Drunk / Intoxicated on Senate Floor – Shouts Down Wicker

NewsBusters: Tom Shales Honors Barack and Other Lefties – WaPo’s Tom Shales Puts Obama on His Best TV of the Decade List …

  1. This is right on but this administration & congress is in denial. They will never do any of the above…..we have become a very soft nation with a soppy feely & nice attitude and it hasn’t earned us anything. Reagan, like Theadore believed that we speak softly and carry a big stick. They have never liked us very much but they used to respect us. Many of our enemies are snickering behind Obama’s back and he doesn’t get it as his ego is unbelievably large….
    This has been a proud nation but not much to be proud of right now!!!!

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