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Welcome to the Second Tier Left

In Obamacare on 24/12/2009 at 08:32

I’ve often thought that the War Between the States was as pure an example of partisan politics America has to offer. It was the result of irreconcilable division between Republican and Democratic ideals; the issue of states rights led to the secession, but as the war proceeded, it became abundantly clear that we fought for the resolution of slavery.

In the spring of 1865, having cut a 60-mile-wide swathe across Georgia, the scars of which can be seen today, General William Tecumseh Sherman began his final campaign of the Civil War, the invasion of the Carolinas. His adversary was the brilliant Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston. The campaign, of course, ended in Johnston’s surrender to Sherman near present day Durham, North Carolina.

Nearly 30 years later, Johnston served as a pallbearer at Sherman’s funeral. When during the procession that followed, he kept his hat off as a sign of respect in the cold, rainy weather, several who had concern for the old general’s health asked him to put on his hat, to which Johnston replied, “If I were in Sherman’s place and he standing here in mine, he would not put on his hat.” Johnston died two weeks later of pneumonia.

Whatever that spirit, whatever caused that enormous respect, between two of America’s most valiant generals during a time of our deepest conflict, is gone. Whatever replaced it is unknown to me, but it no longer exists in our leaders.

Our president was elected on the promise that he would end partisan bickering in Washington and usher in an era of openness. Yet in his first three days in office, during a meeting with House and Senate leadership from both parties, Obama proved himself a liar. When Republican leaders expressed concern for his spending package, he was quoted as saying, “The election was in November, and I won.”

It was the 50-yard-line moment in what would begin the most alarming government spending rampage in American history. The Democrats passed the near $1 trillion bill and followed up a week later with a $400 billion Omnibus Spending Package, without so much as a speed bump in their way. Since, virtually every vote on the House and Senate floors has been along purely partisan lines and has now cost the American taxpayer an estimated $12 trillion. Obama has not always been successful. He failed to get cap and trade through the Senate; however, he immediately moved to have the EPA implement his policies anyway.

This week America will turn a corner and set out on an irreversible course, by moving the health care “reform” legislation to conference in the House. It is not an absolute that it will survive in its present form, illegal aliens are covered, and publicly funded abortion is still alive. However, it is hard to imagine that some form of European-type socialist system will not be in place by the first quarter of 2010.

Most Americans will like it because, you see, it only preys on the week—the elderly, small business owners, and the catastrophically ill. Smokers will be sacrificed, and the majority of Americans won’t mind. The obese and anorexic will not survive. Curable cancer treatments will be rationed off to the strongest and those deemed by, yes, death panels, to be the greatest assets to society.

But perhaps the greatest casualty has not yet been fully addressed. The United States will no longer be a democratic republic; it will be a democratic-socialist nation, much like England and France.

We will undoubtedly survive the health care bill, but with one glaring distinction. We will no longer be the peerless city on the hill others once gazed upon with awe and envy. We will be a second-tier nation.

We will be like all the others.


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  1. Unfortunately, you are correct and I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

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