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Good Night and Good Luck: How the Media Sold Out and Lost America

In Disappearing Ink on 17/12/2009 at 22:22

Have you ever wondered where all these blogs came from? I mean there are literally hundreds of conservative blogs on the Internet, a few getting as many as 20,000 hits a month, many getting 5,000 or more.

The statement is attributed to Newton, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Maybe that doesn’t exactly apply here but a similar law is in effect.

The Fourth Estate had a sale in the 1950s. It began years earlier, with the “Lost Generation,” expatriates like Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Ezra Pound, during the First World War, not all journalists, but writers. During the 1930s it became fashionable to join the American Communist Party. A lot of people, Hollywood movie types, academics, some journalists and so forth, joined these cells for a short time and lost interest, others became more involved. But the press made a decided turn to the left, as did Hollywood.

All of this came to a head in the 1950s when both houses of congress initiated investigations into communist influences in both government and other aspects of American society. Today it is known as the McCarthy era, largely due to the fact that Senator Joseph McCarthy played so bad on television. Robert F. Kennedy – the nearest thing liberals had to Jesus Christ until Barack Obama came along – was assistant counsel on that committee.

I won’t get into the Army-McCarthy Hearings or Alger Hiss, only to say that McCarthy and his counterparts in the House were right; the government was rife with lefties and Alger Hiss was a spy.

Enter Edward R. Murrow, the nearest thing the media have to Jesus, irrespective of Barack Obama. Murrow became indignant (tsk, tsk), that anyone would think communist spies were among us. Thus the revisionist historians went to work, and the mention of McCarthy’s name in media circles is treated as though someone cut an SBD at a Press Club cocktail party.

In 2007, Ann Coulter wrote a good article on this topic on Human Events, entitled “McCarthyism: The Rosetta Stone of Liberal Lies.”

In the intervening years there are thousands of examples of media injecting personal bias into the news. Everybody’s “Uncle Walter” Cronkite – military genius that he was – announced that the Vietnam War was lost, during Tet in 1968, just one case in point. Cronkite spawned lots of little Walters, like Evan Thomas and Anderson Cooper, who regularly declare everything American wrong now. Now it has raised its ugly head in the Climategate Scandal, and the press is giving crooked scientists a pass at the country’s expense. They neglected to vet Barack Obama and his associations with some of the most radical members of the Left because – let’s face it – they wanted him elected. They kicked Hillary Clinton to the curb to get him.

Ed Turner, brother of CNN founder, Ted, during the 1990s, said, “The news is what we say it is.” He was only right to the extent that the public once trusted the media to be honest.

When one has an estate sale the last thing to go is the house; the little things are sold off one by one, until the real property remains. Truth in the U.S. media died long ago; it sold off its ethics and integrity, and now all that remains are the walls. They will have you believe their financial troubles are the due to the advent of the Internet. Nonsense.

They have a presence on the Internet and could own it if they simply printed objective journalistic copy. There would be no NewsMax or Michelle Malkin, or Red Hot Right to print “the other side” of the issue, at least in the numbers they currently exist. There would be no Left Coast Ledger. The public wouldn’t need us.

… And that’s the way it is, December 17, 2009.

  1. As you infuse the historical facts that remind us why we’re in the quagmire we are now experiencing, it makes your message soo much more meaningful. Keep these Blogs coming. Thanks Left

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