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Wait and See … You’ll Thank Me Later

In Obamacare on 14/12/2009 at 22:19

The Reid-Pelosi Health Care Reform legislation will save the flagging Medicare-Medicaid programs, add millions of Americans to the rolls of the insured, and create a level playing field for thousands of young doctors entering the medical profession out of medical school; it will reduce costs for tens of thousands of small business owners who are strapped by the mounting cost of private health care.

I just said that in case the White House is reading.

It wasn’t, however, a complete lie. The new legislation will expand Medicare and Medicaid to cover younger Americans. In fact, the latest incarnation of health care reform will exactly or nearly so, reverse the current health care “crisis.” It will cover most people who do not currently have health insurance, and shift the bill to those who can afford to pay. It will penalize the haves to cover the have-nots. The “haves” being anyone with a job and a roof over their head.

What is the Democrat strategy for the monstrous takeover of the health industry in America? Why are Reid and Pelosi seemingly sending their party to a Tuesday Night Massacre in 2010 by ramming through a program that Americans overwhelmingly oppose?

They are forcing their legislation through because the lion share of health care reform, regardless of which bill goes to Barack Obama for signing into law, will not take place until 2013. Aren’t we clever now?

Many have speculated that Obama really only intends to be a one-term president to build his resume, that he will retire to perhaps run for United Nations General Secretary. But make no mistake, whatever his future goals, BHO intends not only to be elected to a second term, but he and congressional Democrats intend to control the direction of government in this country for centuries to come.

Health Reform legislation is only one piece of a master plan by the Obama administration to seize power in Washington and take America down the one-way superhighway to socialism. They are betting all the marbles on the fact that the electorate will not get onto their scheme until these various Marxist reforms are passed and it is too late to turn back. In a perfect liberal world a one-party government is the optimum end.

They may be right.

Americans have a short attention span and an even shorter memory. Obama’s favorability numbers shifted into the black last week when he announced a 30,000-troop surge in Afghanistan. He is already gearing up for the 2012 campaign cycle and expects to convince the electorate that talk radio, Fox News, and alarmist Teabaggers misled the American people.

Reid and Pelosi’s strong-arm tactic is a gambit that liberal Democrat strategists believe will work, and they are counting on the fact that opposition support will wan as it becomes clear that the sky won’t fall the day health care reform is signed into law.

  1. This is extremely scary what is happening to our country. this bunch has no respect or regard for “Our Constitution” and, in fact, believe in it….the electorate had better start paying attention….

  2. please see…
    ‘Legislative Assiphexholes’

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