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Palin Sites In on Climategate

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Can you even imagine a Sarah Palin presidency? If you’re a liberal I’ll pause while you run for the Pepto Bismol. One can only imagine Evan Thomas’ reaction. He’ll be doing exposés like, “Palin cleans guns for relaxation.” Sally Quinn will note that Todd is the first ever bona fide Alaskan Indian to sleep with an American president in the White House.” She may be overlooking JFK and Bill Clinton, but I don’t know.

Okay, the press has slightly miscalculated Palin, but we can forgive them. They’re in culture shock. The former governor doesn’t have the pedigree to pass muster on Park or Madison avenues. After all, she actually shoots Moose and makes chili out of them!

Even Newt Gingrich, who is probably in all fairness the most brilliant leader in the GOP, almost belched bile when asked to comment on Palin’s stratospheric post-election popularity. “Look, she’s much smarter than people thought she was,” said the Speaker on the O’Reilly Factor this week. Newt, in fact, was one who underestimated Palin’s appeal to mainstream conservatives. “It will take a ‘significant amount of work’ for Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to become a leading voice for women in the Republican Party,” quoted The Hill in November 2008. Right, old buddy, it took her exactly long enough to write a viral bestseller and pack Todd and the kids on the Double Eagle bus.

This week Palin steamed her detractors big time with her Washington Post op-ed criticizing Obama’s trip to Copenhagen. The Daily News put it in perspective, by noting that Palin is ticking off all the right folks. David Brock is considering suicide; Joel Achenbach at the News is apoplectic. To suggest that the science might be wrong! How dare she?

But she is making friends in all the right circles, as well. Two examples are here at Left Coast Ledger, and The Red Hot Right blogspot. Red Hot correctly sums up Obama’s dilemma in attending the conference in Copenhagen, and Palin’s assessment of the Climategate scandal.

Palin is not only not wrong; she’s spot-on right about this nonsense that both the Left and Right have bought into. The science is bad, the scientists have committed world-class fraud, and the cost to the United States will be devastating.

In her Post article this week the governor rightly observes, “Our representatives in Copenhagen should remember that good environmental policymaking is about weighing real-world costs and benefits — not pursuing a political agenda.” Now that is the thinking of a real simpleton. Imagine considering the cost of destroying the entire Northwestern logging industry over protecting Spotted Owls. Imagine wrecking the U.S. coal industry so we can spend billions on solar panels. Imagine giving more tax dollars to Bangladesh.

Sarah Palin is no joke in liberal circles; she scares the hell out of them. She is scalding hot where it counts – with heartland conservatives, both Republicans and Independents. She is one of them. Expect the James Carvels and David Axelrods to come out of the woodwork; she is a serious threat, not only to Democrats, but to the Washington system we all know and hate.

But with the GOP you would think that party leaders like Newt and Michael Steele would be chomping at the bit to rally behind Palin, regardless of her future goals. She is good for their party. Yet both Gingrich, Steele and host of other party who’s-who’s can’t seem to choke down their fears that the former governor might be the first woman Republican nominee. She screws up their vision. She doesn’t fit the Washington mold. She is so much like … let’s see. Who does she remind them of?

Ronald Reagan?

  1. Yes Don, she is scaring them to death which means she will continue to get beat up and the Carvel’s of this world will spare no hatred and lies. It is very disappointing that Newt & Steele are so lukewarm. Both have lost their stature with me…
    This was excellent, keep up the good work!

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