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The Fix is In: Obama’s Climate Regulation Mill

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Although the government has been forcing unproven theories down our throats for at least 40 years, the Obama Administration has reached a new low in the assault on democracy.

In the 1960s most states in the union adopted the Evolution Theory as absolute truth, even though it had not and still has not been proved, and in fact is unprovable. The evolution debate has been fast and furious ever since. Did I say debate? There has never really been a debate, just ask any 12-year-old, public-school-educated child how the universe got here.

The President is about to embark on his trip to Copenhagen, Denmark to promise away our freedom; everything from your gas mileage, to how much wood you can burn in your fireplace will be regulated and no one will ask for your vote. There will be no vote. Conventional wisdom among the pundits and hacks in both parties says that congress will not sign onto a deal even if Obama does in Copenhagen. They won’t have to; the President’s EPA is already making the changes without congressional approval. Michelle Malkin accurately noted the brown-shirt tactics within that agency last July.

However, we cannot lay the blame for the global warming fraud entirely at Barack Obama’s feet. The Green Influenza has been brooding in our government for 30 years, and it went pandemic with the George W. Bush administration in January 2007, as evidenced by the attached Time Magazine article. Lindsey Graham is the titular head of the Republican Tree Hugger Caucus but it doesn’t end with him. Virtually every so-called conservative on the Hill has acquiesced to the idea that we must reduce our greenhouse emissions. Why? Because it’s the thing to do. It’s hip in Washington cocktail circles to be “green.”

The revelation this week that the books have been cooked by greenie scientists doesn’t seem to have slowed the march to destroy the American economy in either party. Both sides are moving forward to “reduce greenhouse emissions” regardless of the fact that not one iota of evidence exists to indicate climate change is effected in the least by mankind on this planet. Scientists can’t even prove that significant climate change exists, beyond the fact that it will be warmer in June than January.

In 1963, America was at the apex of a worldwide paradigm shift. Just as a renaissance emerged at the close of the Dark Ages affecting a revival of religion, sweeping breakthroughs in science, and vibrant changes in art, the 1960s ushered in broad cultural, scientific, and artistic changes. With, I must add here, exactly the opposite effect.

While in the Renaissance the minority affected change for the better, the 1960s brought a devaluation of the greatest society the world has ever known. Suddenly the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus,” the Ten Commandments were dangerous, and Science declared theory over fact. The Theory of Evolution, a nonsensical grouping of unsubstantiated hypotheses, became absolute science, and is now taught as such in our institutions of learning, from kindergarten to graduate school.

Now the message is Global Warming, recently retagged as Climate Change. That way, if we suddenly develop a new Ice Age crisis, the moniker fits. One-stop Science for all your climate needs, folks!

There is, however, a difference in the way Barack Obama is spearheading the juggernaut to bring his economy-busting climate overhaul to America. He is not the least bit concerned with the possibility of congressional or Supreme Court intervention; he is skipping around them with a regulatory apparatus, the like of which, has never been seen on these shores.

The United States Government is in the process of implementing horrendous changes to the way we live on the basis of more unproven science. The question is: Do we have the courage to stand up and clean out the Washington Greenhouse that is forcing the change?

Editors Note: Both Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter have written blistering articles this week on the Obama Administration’s attempts to implement sweeping Climate Change regulations. Read them here and here.

  1. Wow…..but people are starting to get the word and they don’t trust Obama on anything, very suspicious and the young people are saying what? We didn’t vote for having to get fined or go to jail if we don’t buy health ins…..
    People need to take their heads out of the sand…

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