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Barack! Just Shut Up and Lead.

In Obamarama, Wars and Rumors of Wars, Weekly Rant on 05/12/2009 at 18:18

Barack Obama has finally talked himself into a dilemma he can’t shuck ‘n’ jive his way around. You know the New Left is in trouble when Cheech and Chong announce a comeback.

In this week’s policy speech on Afghanistan from the “enemy camp” at West Point, the President told us that his “necessary war” warrants an additional 30,000 troops, and that we must and will win, as long as it doesn’t cost too much and we’re out in 18 months. Even Bill O’Reilly, who usually bends over backwards to “be fair” to Obama, thought the speech lacked passion.

I’m an even tougher sell. Not only do I not believe for a moment that Obama’s heart is in winning in Afghanistan, I believe he would throw up his hands and do the sissy scream today if he could. Barack Obama not only lacks passion, he lacks courage. Not since Natalie Mains shot off her big anti-American mouth at a British Dixie Chicks concert in 2003, has another American needed so badly to shut up.

Some conservatives have argued that by acquiescing to Stan McChrystal’s request for the added troops the President deserves at least some credit. Why? The truth is Obama had no choice. He bought this war literally lock, stock, and barrel in 2008 on the campaign trail, and now he is in the mother of all no-win situations.

Afghanistan is an unwinnable war, at least in the conventional sense that most people consider as winning. We did, however, have one fleeting opportunity to accomplish our mission there on October 7, 2003, when George W. Bush decided—instead of bombing Tora Bora to glass—to let bin Laden and his crew ride out on their donkeys, by shutting down the offensive for Ramadan.

That’s a different post for a different day. Today it’s Obama’s war, and either way he moves, he is in deep doo-doo. If he had not given McChrystal most of the troops the general requested he would have alienated our NATO allies, not to mention destroy our fragile network of cooperation in the Middle East.

However, deploying the troops has badly shaken BHO’s political base—the fruitcake Left. He has lost not only Michael Moore but also his lapdog media—most of whom don’t believe there is ever an excuse to fight for anything.

Last but certainly not least, in spite of Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ statements to the contrary, Obama set out on a losing strategy the moment he announced our intention to leave in 18 months. He told our enemy, Wait us out and you will win.

Now the President cannot go forward and he cannot retreat without cutting off at least part of his base; it’s either sacrifice Independents or Liberals. This, for a president who hasn’t stopped campaigning since he took the oath of office, is a disastrous moment. Nothing short of the capture of bin Laden can save him from an all out defeat. General McChrystal is a good man and he may just do that, but in the meantime, BHO must shut up and lead. Now there is a novel idea.

  1. Your right on. I cannot comprehend how you can pick up all the backup
    material you do, unless you have it stored in the back of your mind for the calling. Whatever,it certainly makes your points graphic and

  2. Frankly, I think almost everyone wants to see him Shut-up and lead….he didn’t even take credit for moving the terrorist to a NYC court. Which is a joke as he absolutely finalized that decision, shame on him….
    We have never had a president with such an ego that he has to campaign all over the country and have his face on the boob tube every single day..watch his body language…..it’s embarassing

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