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So, I said to the Imam …

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How does a GI avoid a terrorist attack? He get’s a discharge. Not very funny is it? In spite of an increasingly disengaged President who would rather read about himself in GQ magazine and throw mega shindigs for Hollywood moguls in the White House, America faces a very real and escalating threat of domestic Islamic terrorism on every front. Who was it that said this guy is Jimmy Carter dumb? He was wrong. BHO makes Jimmy Carter’s four year in the Oval Office seem like a visit with Stephen Hawking.

There are several fundamental problems, both in the White House and with American policy in general, in this time of war. The first, and perhaps foremost, is our failure to understand the enemy. I began to address this bizarre anomaly in “What Part of ‘Infidel’ Don’t You Understand?” on November 7, 2009, right after Nidal Malik Hasan’s attack on Fort Hood.

To understand Islamic extremism is to throw every vestige of political correctness out the window and start over. Sarah Palin was dead on the money, when she said that we have to profile Muslims. A handy example is rock-singer-turned-imam Cat Stevens who during the 1989 Salmon Rushdie affair called for the death of the Satanic Verses author. Prior to that time Stevens was the poster boy for the civility of Islam. Right.

To be, for lack of a better word, an “orthodox” Muslim is not, in and of itself, extreme. Many Muslims wear those goofy getups, the women in burkas and so forth—only 723 years, two months and three days weirder than a Christian wearing a Rush Limbaugh tie—but certainly no crime. This is America; we can dress as we please. But the PC insanity ends there. One step further and our lives are at risk, and I don’t give a rip what the Arab American Institute thinks.

None of this would be quite so alarming had it not surfaced in the first 48 hours after Fort Hood, that this infestation of Deranged Liberal Syndrome has percolated into the upper echelons of our military. In the aftermath at Hood, Army general George Casey rushed to announce, “Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength.” Leading to the question: Who should be in the loony bin, the general or Hasan.

Diversity is anything but a strength; it is three-alarm-nutcase lunacy. Understand this: These 7th century throwbacks are at war with everything not Muslim. In India they are at war with Sikhs and Hindus, in the Philippines and Indonesia they blow up Buddhists; everyone knows they have vowed Israel’s destruction—Muslim extremists are even at war with each other.

And they are and have been at war with the U.S. long before our leaders acknowledged it. You won’t find this in your college history books. In 1981, the Ayatollah Khomeini declared war on the U.S. and nobody listened. I had to scavenge the Internet to find one mention of it. That fatwa has not been lifted.

Some will tell you that Khomeini was Shi’a, not Sunni, as is Osama bin Laden. When he’s holding an AK-47 or wearing a backpack stuffed with plastique there is not a dime’s worth of difference to those he targets. Our war is with Extremist Islam, and we must recognize them before we can kill them.

Sharia is alive and thriving right here in the United States. If we don’t wake up and begin profiling it, look for neighborhood Wal-Marts to be next.

  1. finally we have someone who will say it like it is….and you are so right. We better wake up and realize who the enemy is….

  2. Found your blog through Reuters. Very insightful.

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