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BLT, Easy On The Bacon

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Yes, but what change?

Many have either emailed or posted statements about Obama’s theology; some have stated their belief that he is secretly Muslim. He is not Muslim, although he is well versed in that theology, having grown up in Indonesia. At some time in his life I am certain that he entertained the thought of becoming Muslim, or, at the least, Nation of Islam, but he did not take either of those roads.

Barack Hussein Obama is BLT, Black Liberation Theology, and despite the media whitewash during the 2008 campaign, it is a destructive and highly divisive doctrine, far outside mainstream Christianity.

BLT tenets are racist (heavily anti-Semitic), anti-American, and a blatant bastardization of Christianity. It is more a political movement than a religion. Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s widely circulated rants during the campaign are not, as Obama would have us believe, anomalous faux pas by his pastor, they are bedrock BLT dogma. This is not something the President could’ve missed during his 20-year membership in that pastor’s church. Sean Hannity was exactly right on this point.

To believe that Obama, a man educated in the best institutions in America, could have sat in Wright’s church for two decades and not realize the sick and toxic spew this ideology espouses, would be the greatest reason not to have elected him, where it true. To miss it he would have to have been 1) deaf, dumb, and blind, or 2) plain stupid.

Blacks in America are not a downtrodden race; they are, contrarily, the most privileged group of citizens in this country. One only need be black to have his utilities paid and food placed on his table without remittance. Blacks are the chief benefactors of this nation’s pathological quest to purge itself from the sins of our white forefathers. And Barack Hussein Obama is the Chief proof that this country as a whole spurns racial injustice.

BLT embraces Nation of Islam in this regard: it is anti-White; it teaches a black Jesus, as does the Nation. When Wright shouted, “America’s chickens have come home to roost,” he was reiterating BLT’s very reason for existence: that white America is culpable for every perceived wrong in black America. No, Obama is not Muslim; he is something far worse on these shores, because what he believes poisons Americans.

BLT is not about racial equality; it is about black superiority, which makes it understandable that Obama would eventually gravitate to such a dogma. He is, after all, the most egocentric president in history. Even Rahm Emanuel—the Josef Goebbels of the President’s administration—has no idea that Obama is using him to achieve his hirer goals.

I am certainly not calling Obama another Hitler, although his opinion of himself is not far from the Fuehrer’s. But his theology feeds on the very doctrine it propagates: that the Constitution is a document written by white people for white people. I have absolutely no doubt that given half a chance he would personally take a flamethrower to it and rewrite it tomorrow.

BLT misses or ignores a vital point in disgorging its hatred on its ignorant and embittered masses. It fails to recognize that were it not for that sacred document and the blood the millions of Americans spilled for it, blacks in this country would still be picking cotton. There would have been no Martin Luther King as we remember him. There would be no Barack Hussein Obama. An American president.

  1. I take no argument with what you’ve written. Its so frightening to think
    where we could be heading. Who knows, maybe we’ll have a new Constitution
    before 2012.If so, there wouldn’t even be an election.

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