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Narcissist In Chief?

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But enough about me ...

I had to let this one simmer for a couple of days. Now it appears that the Obama jobs “Recovery” numbers are only off by 76,779. Let’s see, when did he hire Rohm Emmanuel?

Who in the heck did they use at Recovery.gov, ACORN? Someone should call Hanna Giles. Seriously, this should be the moment when the country wakes up to realize that Barack Obama is a third-rate flim-flam artist, and a none-too-artful one, at that. I’ve had an ongoing debate with my sister on this guy. Her position is that he’s an idiot; mine has been that he is a brilliant con man. I concede the field, Sis.

I’m not ready to say that Obama is stupid but I no longer have any question that he is so completely narcissistic that he cannot acknowledge his own mistakes, even to the liberal left base of his political support structure. His is, in a word, a megalomaniac. I also am no longer certain that he will get his $1 trillion takeover of healthcare. Gallup yesterday morning, for the first time, polled his popularity at under 50%, about dead even with Sarah Palin. Also out today, a Fox poll showing that more than 60% of the electorate opposes healthcare reform. Senator John Kyl says there is no room for debate.

I began to see rumblings in the foreign press some time ago regarding Obama’s arrogance and he is now beginning, regardless of Bill O’Reilly’s and Politico’s reports to the contrary, starting to tumble in his popularity abroad. Der Spiegel, no conservative rag, calls him a phony and a liar. The London Telegraph calls him arrogant. This is important because, as any liberal will tell you, Europeans are so much smarter than Americans.

When Obama should have been here to rein back Pelosi and Reid in order to accomplish at least part of his healthcare takeover, he was sucking up to the Asians. Now even ultraliberal John Conyers is publically dumping on the Überwunderkind. Trust me. When the brothers start bailing, Babu (look that word up, by the way) is in trouble. I’d like to be a fly in the room if the Black Caucus turns on him and the First Sister (Barack’s tutor in Negro 101) shucks his stuff. The greens and cornbread might get cold before dinner is served.

Back to jobs. I was only half kidding when I suggested that ACORN might be involved in the Recovery.gov $18 million website fiasco; someone had to post the bogus data. No one, and I mean no one, can convince me that these numbers are errors. Could it be that the White House is using SEIU operatives to ramrod jobs the same way they used them for healthcare? The Union’s president Andy Stern has been to the White House more than any other single visitor. ACORN may be responsible for the greatest voter registration fraud in history but they are only one of the factions Obama has used on his 20-year rise to the Oval Office.

Sounds like a job for Giles and O’Keefe to me.

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  1. Thanks Bro…..sometimes I think he’s an idiot or he wouldn’t make stupid decisions, like all the promises he can’t possibly keep…Like closing Gitmo a few months after he gets in office…he had no idea what he was getting into. This morning on Fox business, Wayne Rogers, said the people he has around him are all idiots and Geitner has an IQ of minus 30….pretty harsh, but Wayne’s a smart guy…the thug in the WH is Rahm and no one should doubt it! Keep it up, love, sis

  2. Great Blog—- only trouble is the picture of Obama is too flatering.
    ( He’d look beter upside down).

    Acorn is an organizatin of leeches. Well, lets humanize them ( though they
    don’t deserve it). Their theives. If they look like theives, smell like theives, and behave like theives, they must be theives. $54 millon since
    1994 of our money & what have we gotten out of it? A lawsuit against
    Congress because some funds have been cut back. Unbelieveable!
    Great work…..thanks

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