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The Sarah Factor

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Sarah Palin’s interview with Bill O’Reilly on the Factor last night is the one she should have done to launch this book tour. I’ll go a step further. It is the interview the McCain campaign should have launched her candidacy with. Without seeing the second installment of the of the three-part interview, I will say that this woman can do whatever she sets her mind to.

The Democrats—particularly the controlling wing of that party—have overplayed their hand with the Governor. Yes, she is unseasoned on the national stage, and I reiterate my advice to hire media and strategy advisors sooner rather than later, but Palin’s got game. Tonight O’Reilly takes her to task on policy issues and that is, I believe, where she will shine.

What is most gratifying to me about the interview is the media response even at this early hour. Already the DNC is circulating the talking points to their myriad pundits and party hacks. It’s hard to believe that the White House is not orchestrating the “Evita” remarks showing up on so many blogs and left-wing websites at this hour. Naomi Wolf started it in a Huffington Post article in September and now they’re really ramping up. I would expect no less. They should be worried; at the very least Palin presents an enormous threat to their agenda, at worst she could kick Babu’s bottom in 2012.

During the campaign I suspected that certain factions within the McCain camp were not onboard with the Senator’s decision to go with Palin. These three-piece suits stampede to the Reagan Conservative banner when they need it but it has and always will ring hollow. Sarah Palin is a true Reagan Republican and perhaps the only one currently on the GOP shortlist as possible nominees.

Most essential to any opponent in a race with Obama is killer instinct, and the woman has it in spades. I cannot be the only one during the campaign who screamed at the television. Why the heck aren’t you people taking on this guy’s record? His associations with Wright, Pfleger, and Ayers were fair game, yet McCain steadfastly cut him slack on them. This may disappoint some, but I’ll say it anyway. Show me a clean campaigner and I’ll show you a losing candidate.

In coming days I will put forward several possible scenarios that I believe could unfold in the President’s remaining three years that can affect his reelection chances. I’m reasonably certain that the Governor will at the very least be a player in determining a winner in that race, regardless of the GOP nominee.

Now it is time to for Sarah Palin to wrap up this tour and challenge Obama’s failed stimulus, healthcare takeover, and disastrous foreign policy. When you factor Palin into the debate on the Administration’s policies, it is a whole new ballgame.

  1. […] yesterday morning, for the first time, polled his popularity at under 50%, about dead even with Sarah Palin. Also out today, a Fox poll showing that more than 60% of the electorate opposes healthcare reform. […]

  2. Right on all counts and everyone that knows her says not to under-estimate this woman.
    It’s amazing to me that the media whacko’s will say she has no experience and then praise O’bamas experience…What experience as a communtiy organizer???? they gotta be kidding!!! He didn’t even vote half the time in the senate but he was present….great

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