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Channeling Ronnie: Why’d You Do That?

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This, Mr. Holder, is the uniform of a military combatant.

While Barack Obama was busy disgracing the Office of the President by bowing to Akihito in Japan, he wimped out the job of announcing the trial of the 9-11 terrorists’ move to New York to Eric Holder. I’ll hand it to Obama, though, just when he gets me good and ticked off about something, he does something else to get me more ticked off. This time in the name of civil rights.

We all know that Barack’s a brother … well, okay, he’s at least part black. But this is ridiculous and borders on the insane.

Like me you may be wondering how five 9-11 terrorists ended up in New York City to stand trial in criminal court for the greatest act of war against this country since Pearl Harbor. The initial urge to blame Obama is healthy—he is at the helm of most things un-American these days—but it is also only partially accurate. At least part of the responsibility belongs to Ronald Reagan. Don’t rush off. I loved Reagan. Still, he was responsible for putting Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court and we can’t give him a pass.

Kennedy is a loose pin in the hand grenade liberals are using to destroy the U.S. Constitution. While he comes down on the right side about half the time, when he’s wrong he is so wrong that he couldn’t do more damage to our founding document with an IED. Of course no president can know how his appointments will do 20 years in the future, but it is ironic to me that Republicans have appointed some of the most liberal justices. Eisenhower appointed Earl Warren, and William Brennan, the latter of whom was instrumental in overturning the death penalty and facilitating the genocide of 40 million babies. Ike stacked the court with liberal justices whose decisions haunt us to this very day.

Kennedy flip-flopped on Roe and voted not to overturn it. He has ruled special rights for homosexuals that do not exist in the constitution. In 2008 he joined the majority liberal opinion granting habeas corpus for war criminals, thus throwing out 200 hundred years of precedent in trying enemy combatants. He, for the first time in history, has used European law instead of the Constitution to arrive at a major Court decision.

My point is: if Kennedy was a Reagan appointment, can you even imagine where Obama is heading? The trying of these 7th century throwbacks is the greatest travesty of justice in American history.

In the end this trial will be a showcase for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the others to spew their extremist rhetoric on the world, and puts New York once again at the top of the terrorist target list. They will petition and receive vital national security secrets, which will be funneled to Al Qaida; and they will convince borderline members of this unhinged religion to convert to Sharia law, which is exactly what happened in the Nidal Malik Hasan Fort Hood terror attack.

However, as un-American as Kennedy’s swing-vote was in overturning the Guantanamo detention of armed combatant prisoners, it did not force Obama to forego trying these monsters in military court. That was Obama’s decision alone. These guys were not Marandized, and they were water boarded; there exists a very real possibility that any evidence obtained against them will be thrown out.

This case will put the CIA and NSA on trial and for years if not generations to come shackle our intelligence gathering ability. Obama’s choice to take the American people down this dangerous path, is not only unthinkable, it is traitorous.

KSM will never be free. He will spend his days incarcerated somewhere by the U.S. but that only confirms the idiocy of Obama’s decision. He is giving the terrorist exactly what he wants, a chance to make one more glorious blow for Allah.

Editors note: If you subscribe to the Washington Post’s free online site. Charles Krauthammer has a very enlightening op-ed this week on this subject. Be sure to use the LCL blogroll.

  1. Excellent, and I am clearing you to comment at my blog also BTW. Sorry it took so long.

  2. Excellent and thanks for the history lesson…I didn’t know a lot of this….

  3. This is history. The SCOTUS has turned tail on their oaths, and have been doing so for quite some time. From private property rights to ex post facto law they have become not the protectors of America. Rather, those that commit treason against the nation. After all, they write the laws, and interpret the Constitution.

    So much for “law abiding.” So much for what Franklin said about bad laws being followed.

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