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Would You Buy Insurance From This Man?

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The Deal You Can't Refuse

This week Senate majority leader Harry Reid ramped up his attack on “talk show hosts, Internet rumor-mongerers … and insurance rackets.”

You remember Harry. He was a central figure portrayed by two composite characters in Martin Scorsese’s movie, Casino. The first character was the head of the Nevada State Gaming Commission, a post Reid held in the 1980s until he won his senate seat; and the second was the crooked senator played by Dicky Smothers, who freely accepted real-life Mob protégée, Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal’s gifts and comps at the Stardust and other casinos Rosenthal ran for the Chicago Outfit.

It seems Reid hasn’t forgotten his gangster roots or the tactics his old buddies used, albeit Tony Spilotro and his brother are unreachable these days, six feet under an Indiana cornfield. It also seems that “Dingy Harry” is determined to ram through his gangster-like-protection-plan healthcare legislation even at the risk of loosing his senate seat.

Why? Why are Reid and so many of his senate cohorts willing to risk so much at the cost of what could be the biggest Tuesday Night Massacre in Democratic Party history in 2010? Well, if you keep digging, as the Feds had to do when they uncovered the Spilotro brothers in that cornfield, you can bet there is a pile of money under that 1990-page legislative nightmare. Let’s just say that the humble-public-servant business is very lucrative these days. Reid has never held a private sector job and he is a millionaire-plus.

Many of the pundits nowadays, including Bill O’Reilly, are chanting the Public Option is Dead mantra. It is foolishness of the highest order. If Obama gets anything, even a scrap of legislation, the public option is a done deal, and most of us won’t even know it until the Flimflam-Artist-In-Chief is out of office. This is why I am so vehemently opposed to any healthcare bill at all. I don’t know about you, but I get darned hinky when I see someone like Lindsey Graham or John McCain try to tell me that some change is warranted. No it is not.

For the sake of argument, let’s say the deadbeats and drug dealers in East Harlem and elsewhere, who’ve for three generations been sponging off the generosity of the American taxpayer, cost us $100 billion a year in additional medical costs. That’s a hypothetical figure; I pulled it out of nowhere just like congress: double it, triple it, whatever.

Reconcile that figure by what economists are already saying will be $1 trillion on the initial bill. Let me make this clear: the CBO nor any other government agency has ever even come close to correctly estimating the cost of any major government program. Medicare was supposed to cost $10 billion in 1964. The estimate was projected well into the 1990s.

Wilbur Mills was the miscreant who ramrodded the bill through the House for LBJ. You’ll remember Wilbur as the Arkansas Democrat Ways and Means Committee chairman who got caught schtupping Argentine stripper Fanne Foxe. The tab on Wilbur’s 10 buck deal in fiscal year 2009—if you can trust any government figure—is $413 billion; a bloated, fraud-infested, taxpayer-funded, congressional ponzi scheme that could have been delegated to the private sector for a fraction of the cost.

My point, which should be obvious by now, is that healthcare reform is not about covering millions of unfortunates who don’t have coverage, or even the 12 million illegals who will suck it up like guacamole. Universal Healthcare is about money and Obama-Reid-Pelosi Plantation Politics.

The same old politics that Harry Reid cut his teeth on with the Chicago Mob back in Vegas.

  1. Good info….I didn’t know all of this about Reid….I hope Nevada gets the hint….

  2. Opp’s! I almost bought some additional insurrance. Some company in
    Nevada called Reid Insurrance Company. Dick Morris is still convinced
    that the Senate will never approve the House bill & the House will never
    approve the Senate bill; hence NO Health Bill. I sure hope he’s correct.

    Good Blog…………Thanks

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