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Palin: Post Game Wrap-up

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Overall I enjoyed Sarah Palin’s interviews with Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters. The Governor was bright and articulate and made her case well. Of course ABC and Walters set her up with contrived camera angles, but the Governor pulled it off. Score to Palin.

However, I thought Dennis Prager summed it up best the other night on Hannity. Palin lacks the gravitas Americans expect in their leaders, and in an age where media scrutinize every nuance of a potential candidate’s existence, it matters what she wears, how she speaks, and what she says. The press already has enough ammo for a 2012 race to blast away every hour of every day until the election if they start today.

Politics is a malicious business and doubly so for a conservative, let alone a conservative woman, as we saw today with the Newsweek cover. The Democrats not only have the press on their side, but also virtually every daytime talk show host and late night comedian on television. Constant hammering by the media works, and anyone who doesn’t believe it, should look at Ollie North’s numbers before and after his senate run in Virginia.

I think I’ve been clear but I’ll repeat it; I am an enormous Sarah Palin fan. She is at least as qualified as John McCain or Barack Obama or George W. Bush to be president. Her record in just two years in Alaska proves to any honest observer that she can govern. I’ve heard several pundits suggest that she should run for the senate or another office. Sarah Palin is too big for another office; either she will take on the Presidency, or she’ll make a good talk show host.

Democrats break out kryptonite whenever this woman gets near the public stage. They are petrified that she will gain traction, and they are brilliant at the politics of personal destruction. But in Alaska she took on her own party to become governor, so she knows how to trench fight. She needs that now.

I have said for some time, that if the Governor intends to run in 2012 or even if she thinks there is a possibility that she will run, she needs a team now.

If I may be so presumptuous for a moment, I’d like to make five suggestions to Sarah Palin:

1) Love your enemy; never complement him. You’re not Mike Huckabee, don’t bend over backwards to show them you’re a nice guy. If Hillary Clinton wants coffee, let her invite you, and understand that she makes Machiavelli look like Jim Carey. Never tell anyone what you think of them.

2) Hire Dick Morris. Today. You can afford him now. He is the smartest, meanest and most underhanded pit bull in Washington. Hillary crossed him and he has dedicated his life to destroying her. Now he’s doing the same to Obama because he believes the President is dangerous to Israel. Call him today.

3) After this book, never grant a soft interview to anyone again until you retire from politics. This means Larry King. They need you; you don’t need them. We already know that you’re cute, and that you love you’re family, and that Todd is Mr. Mom and Rambo rolled into one. And forget about that little inbred idiot that got you’re daughter pregnant. People make mistakes, we understand.

4) Be your own worst critic. Watch the tapes and fix what’s not working. Listen to your best critics. When a man like Charles Krauthammer says you need work, listen to him, he knows his business.

5) Never give more than a 10-second answer to a question. Don’t stall the answer with “That’s a great question,” they know that one. Give your answer and make them ask for more.

I have a sixth suggestion: Run in 2012. Your party needs you.

  1. I fully agree with you regarding Paln running in 2012. She certainly
    has the carisma & the possiblity of her connecting with Dick Morris would
    be soooo effective. Lets hope that does occur.

  2. Great 5 suggestions for Palin. I love D. Morris. He knows how to win. Palin offers “Trust” to the voters. Politicians believe they can do or say anything– and we won’t remember. We need someone with our right of center values and freedom from control. Hopefully we can recuperate from this disaster in the White House. We need an adult.

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