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Palin’s Next Move

In Palinography on 15/11/2009 at 19:49

McCain Palin 2008

Former Veep Candidate Launches Book Tour

If Sarah Palin has presidential designs they may be settled, one way or another, tomorrow when she appears on Oprah Winfrey. Many have been hopeful over the past year that she was gearing up for a 2012 run, but I am no longer sure.

Palin possesses a rare quality that we see perhaps once in a generation in American politics. She is more polarizing than Ronald Reagan and, as she demonstrated during last summer’s health care debate, has the ability to change the dynamics on important issues. She can take a debate to an incendiary level. Whether you like the Governor or not, you will be talking about what she’s doing this time next year.

The so-called mainstream media would have you believe that Obama has this quality as well. He doesn’t. He barely won over John McCain last November, albeit only after Palin revitalized the liberal Republican’s campaign.

Her polling among women–even Republican women–is lopsidedly negative. Some of this is substantive, some of it is just plain jealousy. Former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan (my odds-on favorite for yawn of the year) hates her. While Kay Bailey Hutchinson draws up short of dissing the Governor publically, she’s clearly not a fan. Her stats with men are better, but not good. And the media loathe her.

Let’s look at some of the early reactions by the press to Palin’s presence on the McCain ticket. Some of these articles are irretrievable on the Internet after all of this time, but US magazine immediately shouted, “Babies, Lies & Scandals,” and went to the “North to the Future” state to see if the Governor had fixed any parking tickets. Bloggers at the L.A. Times launched a fair and balanced inquisition on Palin’s credentials saying, “Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is as complex as the place she calls home. And the New York Times headlines blared, “Palin Daughter’s Pregnancy Interrupts G.O.P. Convention Script.” In an election wrap up last year the Huffington Post announced, “She failed to save John McCain from presidential election doom.”

Let me make this perfectly clear. Jesus Himself couldn’t have turned Democrats into Republicans and saved John McCain from election doom. The morons that ran his campaign made Dumb and Dumber look like Fulbright scholars.

That said, her appearance on Winfrey’s program, after bailing from the Alaska governorship this year, is a disappointing sophomore mistake that the former veep candidate cannot afford if she intends to run in 2012. She clearly doesn’t need the book sales and believe me Oprah will not increase her popularity among women and independents. With her skyrocketing presales the Governor should have opened her tour on the O’Reilly Factor. Not that I am an O’Reilly fan, I’m not, but because he would give her an in-depth interview and he owns both the independents and conservatives in the primetime ratings.

Maybe Sarah and Todd Palin weighed out the cost of political life and decided it is too high. That would be my suspicion. Nevertheless it is disheartening. In a field of lackluster possibles for the 2012 race, Governor Palin is the only hope for the GOP as it stands right now. Of course that can change.

In any case, I can’t see how Sarah Palin can be bad for conservatism in America, and her presence on the scene will be a rock in Obama’s shoe as jobs continue to flag and the credit card bills on his socialist programs come due. That is change we will believe in.


  1. Peggy Noonan hates Sarah Palin? Well I do not know why..My admiration in the past for Peggy just left me.
    would it be jealousy on her part..
    I believe Sarah is lovable What I like about her, she is a true Conservator. contrary to McCain.

    The Republicans blew it.
    They lack something.
    They are too passive for my taste.
    Well I always like to give my honest opinion…..hugee

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