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Let’s Bring Back Midnight Basketball

In Obamarama on 12/11/2009 at 20:57

Barack Obama is in danger of becoming the biggest joke in American politics since Midnight Basketball gave the Chicago Crips a legal reason to roam the streets after dark.

Let’s look at the record for the 10 short months since Chief Justice Roberts tried to help us out by flubbing the oath of office. Those two went to Harvard together, by the way. What went wrong?

Afghanistan: What’s he doing with the War Council, juggling paperclips? Here’s a clue. Joe Biden’s on the Council. In just half the time it took him to give an eloquent speech at Fort Hood, the President might have saved some of the 288 American lives who died on the field of battle this year.

Cash for Clunkers: Put your ear to the ground. Hear those Plymouths roaring off the showroom floors? Volkswagen is now the world’s largest car manufacturer, but don’t be discouraged, Toyota, that flagship of U.S. manufacturing, is number two.

Cap and Trade: While China and India pump enough carbon monoxide to send every man, woman, and child on the planet into coughing spasms, Babu heads off to Copenhagen to sign away our rights to burn firewood.

Health care: All I want for Christmas is a free liver transplant. What, is he kidding? Here’s a good one: Three bureaucrats walk to the men’s room … we’re still looking for them.

Executive compensation plan: That giant sucking sound you hear is Ross Perot’s jobs on the NAFTA Highway to Guatemala.

In his short 10 months in office, Barack Obama has instigated the largest CIA exodus since the Church Committee in the 1970s, and after Fort Hood, Homeland Security is obviously an abysmal mess. The President has introduced legislation that will cripple the country’s energy suppliers, and has set out to “fix” a health care system that isn’t broken. He has decided how much money corporate executives can make, and will leave behind a deficit of about 20 times of what any three presidents could have amassed in the next six terms. That’s if he leaves after four years.

I opened by saying that Barack Obama is about to become a joke. The problem is that the joke is on us.


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