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The Purpose Driven Immigration Policy

In The Enemy Among Us on 11/11/2009 at 19:46

The cost of the government’s failure to secure our borders and revamp our immigration policy has been high and is mounting every day.

During the war in Bosnia in the 1990s the Clinton Administration lifted the floodgates and thousands of Baltic Muslims gushed into the country, and during the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, George W. Bush gave the nod to American commanders to do the same with “friendlies” in our fight with extremists. No, that’s not accurate. Neither Clinton nor Bush had to give the nod because our State Department is rife with Muslims, and now we have to wonder if any of them have been properly vetted.

Vietnam should have taught us that in wars with ideological zealots we cannot know who the friendlies are, but now even the United States military has succumbed to the mindless political correctness of the Left.

At the forefront of our insane immigration policy is the government’s fundamental ignorance of Islam. Just as we turn our backs on the flood of Hispanics crossing the Southern border without knowing how many may be convicted criminals, we have neglected to run background on the millions of legals who arrive on our shores annually.

Extremist Islamic factions are bent of destroying America, and our leaders, those we entrust with our safety, cannot seem to recognize that it is a guerrilla war.

Clinton has received millions of dollars of Arab money for years since he left office in 2001. Bush’s lack of interest in stemming the tide out of Mexico leaves one to wonder if he has duel citizenship. Both men are guilty of conduct that in a declared time of war would make them traitors.

Extremist Muslim leaders are on record declaring that Islam will take America down using its own legal system, and it appears today that that is exactly what they are doing. Nidal Malik Hasan is not an immigrant. He is the product of an immigration system that long ago lost it purpose. His family is Palestinian. Maybe screening them more carefully would have prevented Fort Hood, maybe it would not have, but to err on the side of caution is never a mistake.

One purpose of our immigration policies is to protect us from extremists who pack their ideologies in their bags and bring them to America. For 30 years we carefully scrutinized every Italian that immigrated to our shores to prevent mafia families from gaining anymore of a foothold than they already had here. Eventually it worked.

Yet we have failed to do the same with potential MS 13 members, Columbians, and other South Americans. We have given up even trying. Now we have awakened to the fact that we have done the same with Muslims who are a threat to our national wellbeing. As I’ve said repeatedly, not all Muslims are extremists, and not all are dangerous to our way of life. I welcome any immigrant who comes here legally to experience the American Dream.

Sadly, however, Americans can no longer be sure that that is the case. It is not the fault of the tens of thousands of immigrants who travel to our shores. The fault lies squarely at our feet.

  1. It is difficult to understand how our leaders could be so shortsighted. Or is it power they think they will get? That is certainly true with our southern borders….

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