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Political Correctness Run Amok?

In The Enemy Among Us on 11/11/2009 at 07:27

Political correctness hasn’t run amok in America. It was already run amok when the first mush-brained professor at Harvard or Yale or Berkley decided to police the thoughts of his or her students in the 1960s. “Diversity,” Army Chief of Staff General George Casey warns us, is in jeopardy. If we treat Nidal Hasan’s massacre of 13 members of the United States Army as an act of terrorism, we could create a backlash against other patriotic Muslims serving in the military.

My question to General Casey is just how many Muslims in our military have been murdered this year by rampant racist Christian or Jewish soldiers? One has to wonder if Casey is actually dense enough to believe this tripe, or if it is merely how he managed his fourth star.

I would dearly love to blame Obama for this because his actions of the last few days have been absurd to say the least. But this insanity has been going on in the military for 20 years. Scariest of all, perhaps, is the possibility that, in the name of “diversity” and “political correctness,” the military might not do its job in vetting remaining Muslims currently in service.

Vetting itself is a problem. At what point do we know whether or not a “patriotic Muslim” has decided to join the jihad? We know now that Hasan has been making anti-American threats for some time and that no one was “racist” enough to check him out. Now we learn his business card declares him a “Soldier of Allah.

Let me repeat my previous post: These guys are at war with us.

There are too many examples of Islamic brutality against women, too many incidents of atrocious acts against innocents, and too many cases of the slaughter of people who simply disagree with them to suggest that there is not widespread tolerance for these acts within the ranks of the religion itself.

Vincent Van Gogh’s great-grandnephew was murdered in Holland for filming a documentary critical of Islam. Salmon Rushdie is still looking over his shoulder. In Denmark widespread rioting broke out when a newspaper printed a cartoon of Allah some third-rate imam found objectionable.

Any religion that advocates the sexual maiming of women, the intentional wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians, and the total extermination of its enemies is either a religion of hate, or a religion with a serious wiring problem.

For thirty years extremists have murdered American servicemen and Jews worldwide and leaders in the Muslim community at large have remained as silent as a snowflake. They have bombed nightclubs, marketplaces, and subways. They have flown planes into buildings, bombed trains, and engaged in “honor killing.” During the Rushdie affair in 1989, former rock star turned imam Cat Stevens advocated the fatwa that called for the writer’s murder.

This is insanity and it must stop if America is to survive. Senator Joe Lieberman (I) is initiating an investigation into the Fort Hood massacre. Write or call your U.S. Senator and demand that he or she join with Senator Lieberman in a full investigation of our military in regard to serving Muslims.

  1. Update: I wrote this post late last night, so excuse the punctuation, etc. Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs has revealed the the Islamic code on Hasan’s business card. I’ve added Atlas Shrugs to the blog roll above.


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