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Real Numbers In: Job Losses Top 17 Percent!

In Harvard Math on 08/11/2009 at 19:31

NATURAL RATE OF UNEMPLOYMENT: Newlan’s Truism: An “acceptable” level of unemployment means that the government economist to whom it is acceptable still has a job.

Thought maybe you’d like that.

Of course the real story on joblessness is no laughing matter. While the Obama Administration made wild claims of having created or “saved” upwards of between 600,000 and 1 million jobs since the electorate in a moment of temporary insanity put them in office, the unemployment-rate rose to 10.2% this month.

Obama’s figures of course are Harvard Math. The Administration can verify 11 jobs saved at the Starbucks on Pennsylvania Avenue, and nine of those were illegal aliens. Unless the President appointed Hugo Chavez secretary to a new cabinet position I don’t know about, no department in the government calculates the number of jobs saved.

In an article at American Solutions, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich explains: “If you factor in workers who gave up looking or settled for a part-time job, the real unemployment rate–what’s known as U6–is an astounding 17.5%.” Gingrich goes on to say, “As numerous economists have explained, there is no academic or empirical basis for the category of “jobs saved.”

These are the stories you find on page 63 of the Sunday Washington Post Business section right under the column that announced that they’ve uncovered a new Watergate co-conspirator. But even the Lefties over at Daily Kos have been whining for a month about this. I personally am not whining because conservatives are real men, but I do wonder if even the U6 figures include small business owners that have closed their doors since the Administration declared war on capitalism.

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis (who as near as I can tell has never held a private-sector job in her life), Treasury’s Timothy Geithner, who has trouble with Turbo Tax, and someone at the Bureau of Labor Statistics are the “experts” that jimmy-rigged these numbers for Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama, and there’s not an economist outside of the Administration that can figure them out.

So what’s the bottom line? The economy’s in recovery but no one who doesn’t work on Wall Street can tell it. Maybe they figure these things out when Julio, the busboy at Tavern on the Green, comes back from layoff. Everywhere else people are out of work, and the only applications being filled require an aptitude for assembling Happy Meals.

  1. Real American’s are fed up with all of this
    garbage they try to feed us. What really annoys me is that they think we are stupid and buy all of their untruths….please keep it up….this is great!

  2. Hi., I knew the 10.2 was not correct as Riverside co. reported that
    number almost 6mos ago. We were not far ahead of the nation. Thanks for the update.Even the WH press sec. stated that the admin.expects that the unemployment rate will get ” a little worse before it gets better”. I look foward to your updates which are not only informative,
    but very humorus, as well. Keep them comming. I look foward to the next report.

    • Unfortunately, there will be more..
      If the Obama Pelosi & Co. Health Care goes through.
      Small Businesses owners won’t be able to pay for every one. so they close.
      My sister in Canada told me. this is what happened there.
      Good luck & thank you for the work you do.
      Unfortunately too many do not want to be bothered.
      On 22 email address I have I see only two who might write to you.
      They ask us a few days ago to call our Congressman I did the same day..I would be curious to know how many did…

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