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Get Out the Cold Cream, Nancy’s at it Again

In Weekly Rant on 06/11/2009 at 20:24

The week started off pretty good. What hit us?

Nancy Pelosi, who I expect to be screaming, “No wire hangers!” any day now, has welshed on her promise to post her new $1 trillion-and-counting health care bill online, 72 hours before the vote on the floor of the House. With honesty like this, we can fire the locksmith any day now.

If that isn’t enough, Obama’s singing the “Mo’ Better Blues” at the release of the new jobs report announcing the jobless rate now at 10.2 percent, the highest unemployment figure since Reagan had to clean up Carter’s mess in the early 1980s. What a recovery, Mr. President! Time to get out the hook, Joe Biden’s on next.

On the upside, Virginia, the GOP’s failing blue baby, sprang back to life in electing Republican Bob McDonald in its gubernatorial contest. Quoath Dick Morris, “[W] hen a Republican in Virginia wins by 20 points, it sends a message to red-state Democratic congressmen to take cover.” McDonald’s win coupled with Chris Christie’s landslide in New Jersey are certain to be giving David Axelrod gas this week.

Speaking of which, the White House has ducked for cover, from the backlash on its disastrous assault against Fox News. Axelrod’s being sent in by Obama with a pooper-scooper to pick up after Rohm Emmanuel.

Then the Organizer-In-Chief steps to the podium at an Interior Department conference yesterday afternoon, to give a statement on the Fort Hood shooting, and compliments the hors d’oeuvres for five minutes before mentioning the monstrous massacre. Be sure to watch the YouTube on this.

Well, maybe it wasn’t such a bad week for Barack, after all.

  1. I was listening to the news at 4 AM-News coming from Canada, they said that Health care Reform will probably not passed by the Senate they repeated it 3 times.So Mrs Pelosi should not claimed her victory yet…

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